Those who live in Taipei know the mid-week madness that is Ladies Night. Free drinks for ladies offered at the 3 big clubs in the city. Luxy being the most popular with the younger crowd. Room 18 catering to the more mature crowd and Plush catching the in between. Usually it can be a good way to start your weekend early or an even better way to ruin a Thursday, either way. In honor of a great way to spend a wednesday night….

Kool and the Gang – Ladies Night

For the ladies who like their men a little thuggish ruggish, and the song that inspired the name of this post. Lord Finesse – Strictly for the ladies
Crank the volume, this one is recorded a little low.

The lady who inspires many a lady (and many men too)
Beyonce – Single Ladies(Put a ring on it)

As a gift here’s the Beyonce song for you to rock in your ipod

And after you’ve picked your husband for the night…let’im know…

Erykah Badu – Honey

…then drink your Supau, eat your Dan Bing, scrub 94 cigarettes off your skin, crawl into bed, pump this up and let Vikter take over…

Vikter Duplaix – Make a Baby