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In 6 days…the name sake of this blog returns. **GUNFINGER IN THE AIR!!! PULL IT!!! PULL IT!!!**

And to commemorate, I thought I’d post 6 classic (and not-so classic) Posse Cuts all featuring 6 artists.

In no particular order…

1. De La Soul Feat. Q-Tip, the Jungle Brothers & Monie Love – Buddy Remix

Yes, I know, Queen Latifah sings backup on it, but it’s only for 4 bars, so it doesn’t deserve a principal credit.  Also, Phife was on the original remix, but if I’m not mistaken, was taken out of the video because his verse was too explicit.  Anyways…possibly the first posse cut ever where everyone in the video actually seem like friends.

2. Rascalz Feat. Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, Thrust & Checkmate – Northern Touch

If you’re a Canadian, you know how much this track meant to Canadian morale.  The biggest thing since Maestro’s (f.k.a. Maestro Fresh Wes) – Let Your Backbone Slide.  The Rascalz before they started sucking, Choclair when he didn’t suck as much and Kardinal before he was a Konvict…

3. Three 6 Mafia Feat. Young Buck, 8 Ball & MJG – Stay Fly

The last Three 6 Mafia single with Crunchy Black still part of the crew.  This tune is enormous and did tremendous things for the South’s mainstream reputation of only putting out stripper music.  Many people have converted on the strength of this song alone.

4. Wu-Tang Clan (RZA, U-God, Masta Killa, Ghostface, Cappadonna & Inspectah Deck) – Careful (Click, Click)

In my opinion, one of the Wu’s most highly slept-on tunes/videos.  Menacing, grizzly basstones, Philip Glass’esque tinklings, a vomit green wash, great camera work and Dwayne Wayne from a Different World…what more do you want!?!  This is pure, unadulterated Wu-Tang.

5.  Hieroglyphics – You Never Knew

Call them the Wu-Tang of the West.  Or call Wu-Tang the Hiero of the East.  Either way, although Hiero never achieved the same star-status, much like Wu-Tang, Hiero (Del, Souls of Mischief, Pep Love, Casual) completely changed the way emcees both wrote and delivered.  Lyrically beasts, Hiero has, and continue to (see Casual and Del’s latest work) pioneer some of the newest and most exciting cadences in music.  If you never knew…now you do.

6. New Edition – Hit Me Off

And last, but certainly not least…Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mikey, Johnny and Ralph.  New Edition.  Nuff said.


Here is my new mix, in honour of ‘the Bunk’.


1. MVP – Ludacris
2. Dearly Departed – DJ Babu Feat – M.O.P
3. M.U.G – O.C – Feat Freddie Foxx
4. A Million And 1 Budda Spots – Redman
5. It’s Getting Hot – Artifacts
6. Down For The Kaz – Kazi
7. Violatin – Count Bass D
8. Yeah – Keith Murry Feat Busta Rhymes, Redman, Erick Sermon and Jamal
9. Hurricane – The Roots Feat Common and Mos Def
10. Me-O-Mi_o (Remix) – Casual
11. The Return Of Iron Man – Ghostface Killah
12. Get Er Done – Jake One Feat MF Doom
13. Dope Boy Fresh – Jay Z
14. Dumb Girl – Run DMC
15. Red Pill – Vast Aire Feat Karniege
16. Step Off – A Trak Feat Little Brother
17. The Matrix – Black Milk Feat Pharoahe Monch Sean Price DJ Premier

DJ 2 Hands – A Code

A Dope T-Shirt i saw while trawling other hip hop nerd sites!


“it was twelve o’clock one Friday night
i was rockin to the beat and feelin all right
everybody was dancin on the floor
doin all the things they never did before

– Big Bank Hank (Sugarhill Gang)

So in case you were wondering…..tonight…..

Potentially the last FREE show in Taipei you’ll be seeing from us for a long while so throw on your Gordon Gartrelle, spray on that Obsession and get down with ONE BIG FUCK.

And to commemorate the lovely weather we’re having, I’d like to offer you a song that you will regularly hear from Charles and I and well….today will be no different.  One of those songs that will just always make you smile….

De La Soul – Ego Trippin’ (Part 2)

And for good measure…a great video from the Grandfather of U.K. Grime and one of the Music Industry’s current golden boy’s (for good reason), Wiley and Mark Ronson.

Wiley – Cash in my Pocket (Sam Young Mix)


I dont know why I’m in an Ice T mood, but I want y’all to hear some Ice T. Classic cover for his second release POWER. So here are a couple videos and tracks from Tracy to rock in your ipod.


High Rollers

High Rollers

Rap Master Ice T’ performing I’m your pusher

I’m Your Pusher

And I dont think he had a video for this song, but enjoy it anyways

Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.

And of course the Magnum Opus from the Ice man. Colors.

Shouts to my mans DJ RON and DJ SHUSTA for the high quality link. Pick up that Boom Box Mixtape Vol 1 & 2. Say word fellas.

One more thing….December 5th, Vol.2


If your on facebook check the event here


Marcus Aurelius
A tittie bit more than five years ago, Outkast turned the hip-hop scene on it’s collective ear with the release of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below as the double album follow-up to the irrefutable best two album run ever, Aquemini and Stankonia. The album would go Diamond with some finagling of the numbers by the record company, “Hey Ya” would officially become the Canadian National Anthem, and original Outkast fans were disenchanted because of one reason—Andre 3000 decided to baptize himself at the alter of the Purple One Formerly Known As The Guy Who Whipped Charlie Murphy in Basketball and trade in his lyrical prowess for falsetto vocalizations. Listening back to The Love Below, the songs hold up remarkably well (especially “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “She Lives in My Lap”, and “Vibrate”) for as much dissapointment that was felt.

Outkast became the sixth artist in music history to have a number one single replaced by another one of their own as “The Way You Move” replaced the Brass Monkey smash “Hey Ya.” Suprisingly, the next number one song on the charts was “Slow Jams” by Kayne West featuring Jamie Foxx and Twista. West’s newest magnum opus, 808s and Heartbreak, a vocoded excursion into the melancoly, stirs up these emotions from five years ago but there is a monumental difference: I’m eating it up like John Goodman at a Mister Donut half-off sale.

On my bootleg copy(*not in the same order as the actual album I found out later), Heartbreak starts with “Say You Will” and it’s immediately known that this ain’t no Graduation. The bleeps and bleeps from the heyday of ColecoVison stir the soul. West bemoans an ex in touching fashion:

When I grab your neck/I touch your soul
Take off your cool/then lose control

The simplicity is disarming.

For the last three minutes of the song, there is nothing but the loop of the beat quietly taking the listener into the cheerless void. “Heartless”, “Paranoid” and “Street Lights” contiue West’s journey into the loverorn territory for good reason: most of the album was produced around the time his mother passed away from complications of plastic surgery and he relationship publicly dissolved.

West loves to experiment with drums and “Robocop’s” is no exception as it reminds me of a transformer getting ready for battle. ESPN’s most popular blogger (sorry Bill Simmons), Lil’ Wayne drops some Lil’ Wayneisms on “Tell Everybody That You Know” while Young Jeezy ad libs his way through the stop and start sounds of the 12-minute “Amazing.” “Coldest Winter” will be piping through headphones wrapped under skullys, touks, hoodies, and earmuffs all season long.

Heartbreak is the antithesis of Kanye West. He’s the pampered SUPERSTAR who Ja Ruled 50 Cent to become the biggest artist in the world right now. Heartbreak screams one million sold first week and a Grammy Awards sweep (place your bets now).The genius of Heartbreak is that it could have also been made by your 15-year old neighbor who posts his every keystroke or MIDI mess up on the Internet for all to see. Like Kobe Bryant jumping over the snake-filled pool to dunk the ball in the YouTube video, Heartbreak is a high risk gamble into lo-fi territory. That’s why he’s Kanye West and you’re not.

So between having technical, not artistic, differences at work and running around like a bear during mating season I’ve managed to become really fucking ILL, naw mean? ha ha ha. To be less cryptic I am nursing a bit of a cold and yeah it’s mostly related to my day job cuz I do like teaching! Edutainment is always good and Clipse and Black Milk may provide some for us on this new music Tuesday.

Big Up Brent “Boom Bap” Modesto for turning me on to Black Milk. Check Black Milk’s latest release:


The Matrix (ft. Pharoah Monch, Sean Price, DJ Premier)

Gangster rappers, The Clipse, with a penchant for the bappy sound are still waiting for their album to be released, it’s been pushed to December last I read. They’ve collaboed with British soul singer Joss Stone on one track and love it, hate it or kind of like it; it is different. Mix tape soon to be released to promote their clothing line, Play Cloths.


Celebrate ft. Joss Stone


Word. High Heels & High Tops Vol.2. December 5th. Deep Passion. All you can drank. Fellas 600 with a flyer(700 without), Ladies 300 with a flyer. Look out for them on the streets. Expect the same musical madness, in a bigger room with better speakers. We will, much like Chuck D prophesied on Nation of Millions. We will bring the noise.


It’s new release tuesday dunnies. Kanye has a new album this week, and your favorite afro’d, southernly hospitable, elbow throwin, bitch movin, chicken n beer dranking rapper has a new album dropping next week.


Here are a couple tracks
MVP produced by DJ Premier
Last Of A Dying Breed with Lil Wayne
One More Drink with T-pain

And the video for One More Drink. Jokes.

Remember watching the AMA’s (American Music Awards) and talking about it the next day at school. Like, ‘yo did you see…..’ Here’s this years ‘did you see’




I love the superrich. Hell, they even voted for Mr. O and he promised to raise their taxes. But Kanye…He’s super super retarded rich. I mean, he beat 50 Cents last year. Badly. I mean, I’m not sure if 50’s album is coming out before the end of the year, but have you heard a single from it? Kanyeezy got it. Even if you don’t like the depressed vodocoder, you’ve got to give him a bit of credit for doing what the funk he wants to do. If you haven’t heard it all, then go here.  New music Tuesdays bieeeeeooootch.

Need something to read while you judge the 808s? Get off the computer and get a book. For real. But if you’re too lazy to leave the crib, here is some words that will 

The Irony that Chinese Democracy is not allowed in China

Malcolm Gladwell’s New Theory Outlier

Overused Samples in Hip-Hop

Don’t like reading? Need something interesting to watch? Dark Days. Trust me.

Don’t forget. We are going to have a new High Heels and Hi-Tops Jam on Dec 5th (Friday night)at Deep Passion. We’ve got tickets that get everyone in $100 off the normal fee. ($600 men $300 ladies) All you can drank. Back room edition. If you like the poppy hip-hop, then the big room is for you. If you want some real shiiiiiieeeeet, the Backroom is your spot. It’s a win-win situation.


Michigan really got their asses handed to them twice in one day. First, they got destroyed by the Buckeyes in the annual bragging rights game. Then, more seriously, hip-hop lost a legend. MC Breed was more than a one-hit wonder. He was a cornerstone in the Michigan hip-hop scene that was especially strong in D. RIP and condolences to his whole family. 

Ain’t No Future in Yo Frontin’

On November 21, 1877, Thomas Edison announced to the world his new invention. The phonograph. Thank you, Mr. Edison, my ears will never be the same. As a tribute, Dan 2Hands and myself will be giving lessons in Phonographic Retardedness at Beaver DAAAAAAMMMMMMMM tonight.

15 Guang Fu pingtung

Next to the train station.

We will be the ones making all the Beavers go DAMMMMMMMMMMNNNNN

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