…and on this day I choose….

Dres (Black Sheep) – The Choice is Yours (Tasters Choice Remix)

and from ‘Fudge Pudge’ to ‘Simon Says’…’Push’ to ‘When the Gun Draws’, Mr. “Pharoahe F!#@in’ Monch Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed” has FINALLY released a video for his remake of a Public Enemy classic with his very own twist (and if you’ve been to a Sofa Kings show you know we rock this on a REGULAR!!!).
Pharoahe Monch –
Welcome To The Terrordome (sorry…had issues embedding it)

If you didn’t get Monch’s latest (‘Desire’)…I suggest you do. One of the few major label artists left who are ‘fighting the good fight’….but then again, that’s just my opinion.

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