On this chilly Autumn Wednesday, while you’re deciding between:

a) Grabbing a flick from Blockbuster as you curl up in your sweats (from high school, the ones with the chocolate stain near the crotch) with a tub of Orville’s finest and a big ass mug of Cocoa (that just never tastes as good as when Mom made it, so instead you throw Kahlua and a shot of rum in there to compensate…)


b) Throwing on less clothes then you normally would on a Taiwan summer day and grabbing a cab to the club where you and your (brand new) ex-boyfriend usually hang, just so you can see his face drop when YOU make it drop alllll over the dancefloor with randoms that you would, otherwise, never have given a second from the A.M. for…..

I give you a song that could either get you excited to go out, or set the mood to kick it with your boy at home.

The much slept on….
Big Gipp (of Goodie Mob) with fellow Dungeon Family member, Sleepy Brown – ‘Steppin Out’

And a lovely lady who makes me excited to be Canadian…..

Feist – I Feel It All

Be safe tonight.