Russell Jones R.I.P.

Such an unbridled energy will not grace hip hop for another millenium. For the uninitiated, Russell Jones is also known as the Ol’ Dirty Bastard aka Ason Unique aka Big Baby Jesus. The man with more baby mothers than a mormon. The man who interrupted the Grammy Awards to let the people know that his new suit cost-ed alot of money and then declared that ‘Wu-tang is for the children!’ Real Talk.

Grammy Family

Brooklyn Zoo

Came across this picture which made me laugh my ass off.


Lil Weezy goes all Alfred E. Neuman. Awesome. Speaking of Weezy, for the fans here’s his newest mixtape Dedication 3

And for those looking for something to do tonight in Taipei. DJ Roctakon will be rocking it out at Plush. He’s the kind of DJ that plays everything well. Should be a good time. Info is on facebook.


Plush Website

To end it off, I came across these recently. Look for them on my feet real soon. A collaboration on the Vans Sk8 Hi and an artist named Jason Jesse. Pretty awesome.