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-ma ka si

First things first, High Heels and Hi-Tops is taking the show on the road. PingTung County is the place and Beaver Dam is the space. DJ Dan aka Two Hands aka Low-Top Fade will be rockin’ the E’s and R’s with me. Did you know that the parties get wilder exponentially with each degree of latitude lost? It’s gonna be a total chaotic throw-the-chair-down and boogie affair. If you know anyone down in PingTung/KHH/Tainan, tell ’em they should come and rip the curtains down with us.

And watch out for the next Taipei version of High Heels and High Tops on Friday Dec 5th at a place to be confirmed (well, it’s confirmed, but we can’t tell you yet. All I can say is hell to the yeahhh.)

Weekend Update: The Rocktagon show was very Plush-ish. We’ve got to make a deal with these people when they come in from out of town to let them play a big room somewhere for the cash and then throw it down at a smaller place so they can play how they really like. Roc was very technically proficient and I may even steal a trick or two from his style, but it still Plush.

What else? Did you know that they have monster truck limos?

Did you know that the greatest group of all time was on the stage in London recently for a freestyle session? (Let’s hope Vimo works now? It does but wow is it a pain to embed.)

oh yeah…an amazing jam from Terry Lynn Kingstonlogic

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