Dear loyal HHHT alumni,

On this Monday, November 16th, I bring you somewhat of an A.D.D. post.

As I was sitting on my cold living room floor (futon should be here by Wednesday) browsing the internet for fun and interesting news to hit you guys up with, I realized (via Wikipedia) that today not only marks 45 days to the new year, but to all those that, like I, grew up on the Cosby Show and (arguably, one of the greatest spin-offs ever) A Different World, today is the 41st born-day of our Childhood sweetheart, Lisa Bonet (a.k.a. Denise MF’in Huxtable).

And as I pay tribute on this special day, two of my favorite underground hip-hop torchbearers (Slug of Atmosphere and Murs of Living Legends) came together in ’06 to bring you their own offering entitled: Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet. Which, by the way, is a fantastic album…..
Felt – Early Mornin’ Tony

But aside from my Entertainment Tonight inspired Birthday segment, I also found out that on this day in history, our good friend, LSD was created in Basel, Switzerland (they’re not only good with knives and chocolate)….and well….after watching the clip that Marcus posted of my idol/father – Dave (De La Soul) RIPPING it with some of the greatest to ever do it (including his partner/my uncle), it reminded me of this 89 classic…

De La Soul – Say No Go

Speaking of Entertainment Tonight