First off….I apologize for the cussing.   As it is New Release Tuesday, I’m making a resolution to try and limit my blog entries to 5 cuss words total (including Subject). I’m at 2.

Secondly, the biggest release today and undoubtedly the one that’ll get the most ‘I LOVE IT’S’ or ‘I HATE IT’S’ …’Ye West’s 4th official Solo Offering, ‘808’s & Heartbreaks’ .

All the DL links I had to the album tracks are n/a because someone from Mr. West’s camp is being VERY thorough and doing their best Chuck D. impersonation a.k.a. Shut’em Down!!!! (which I fully support — I’m gonna go ahead and get my Metallica on and say…‘Buy that shit if you like it’ because if you don’t, we lose guys like the legendary Brad Jordan — who was featured last Thursday on this blog). *3 Cusses.

However, for those who still want a taste, my colleagues and I will give you some snacks as they pop up….in the meantime, process this youtube sample and tell me….”Good??!”

Kanye West – Robocop

Other than that, the new Beyonce’s out today, and well…I haven’t heard anything I’d like to post from it, so I’m gonna go ahead and move on to a preview from one of next week’s most anticipated joints:  Ludacris’ 6th solo effort, Theater of the Mind mixed by 9th Wonder of Little Brother fame.  From what I’ve heard so far, it’s going to be another Ludacris album (a.k.a.  half the joints with strong writing and cadence sensibilities to decent beats, and half the joints with poo poo beats and Plies caliber writing.  Mind you…I’ve only heard about 8 cuts so it could still go either way.) *Poo poo is not a cuss word.

Anyways…here’s a tune he did with, former rivals, Nasir ‘Escobar’ Jones and Shawn ‘Jiggaman’ Carter.  Exciting?!?

Ludacris – I Do This For Hip Hop

Finally….I’m still mashing up my eardrums to Q-Tip’s new album which, although technically his 2nd album, to all hardcore Native Tongue download nerds, is actually his fourth (2 were shelved by Universal head honchoes for not being ‘Marketable Enough’).  So for those that missed out, stay tuned cause I’ll be posting some of those tracks in the weeks to come.  In the meantime, GO GET THAT ‘RENAISSANCE’!!!

Here’s Q’s 2nd single from the album produced by the life changer himself, J DILLA a.k.a. Jay Dee a.k.a. Pay Jay a.k.a. Dilla Dawg a.k.a. Dill Withers a.k.a. James Yancey.  Turn It Up!

Q-Tip – Move

It’s Tuesday…make a new friend.

Triple. B@!!$. C@#%. *That makes 5.