Yes, I know it’s not quite Thursday yet but you guys are too quick to post shit so I am pre-empting yo collective asses.

Thursdays is really the only day I can post. Being a self confessed ‘old head’ and shameless hater.

So, I have a little treat for you, in fact it is more of a huge fucking treat. This is the Funkmaster Flex 90’s dedication show! It’s Big. It’s heavy. It’s Big and Heavy. Two things of note. One, the serious amount of 90’s bangers he pulls out and rubs with his ‘not-quite-the-worlds-smoothest’ cuts. Some joints that you may well have forgotten about. Two, the wild and almost frenzied state he works himself into during the course of the show, “WE IN THE 90’S DEEP RIGHT NOW!”


I have listened to this quite a few thimes and still find it hard to get bored of it. Check for the bit when he says, “Yo, Premo is feeling me right now, he didn’t call me or nuthin but I know he is FEELING me right now!”


Flex 90’s Dedication Mix

PS, Marcus and I are gonna turn the Beaver Dam into the Beaver DAMN! this weekend.

PPS, Peep the rapnerds for more treats!

Two Hands