For me, A Tribe Called Quest defined the Golden Era of Hip Hop. Their use of jazz samples, Large Professor bass-lines, and conscious and up-front lyrics all contributed to my love of ATCQ.


Their last album, the Love Movement, was released in 1998 and although it was not popularly met with the same enthusiasm as previous albums, like Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders, it reflected the TRUE ARTISTIC nature of their journey as hip hop artists. Some may limit their conception of the best hip hop to party records and breaks or hard hitting beats but what made ATCQ stand out was their ability to build upon hip hop’s foundations to create pieces that were unique. The sparse beats and minimal production did not reflect laziness; they reflected a relaxed maturity and a need to affect others with that feeling. One of my favorite cuts on that album is Find a Way. I also recommend the whole album.

Find A Way