It’s FRIDAY! And what better way to start the weekend then with some new-old music!

It seems the crew and I have been on a bit of a Native Tongues tear lately and well, personally, I’m rarely NOT on a Native Tongues tear (this also includes all Native Tongue branches: Okayplayers, Soulquarians, Spitkickers, the Ummah, Dave Chappelle, Michael Rappaport, etc.)

Sooo…as promised, I bring you the first of many unreleased Q-Tip joints that hopefully, according to him, will see the light of day within the next few years, but with the way labels make promises these days……

These first tracks were off, what was supposed to be, Tip’s sophomore LP entitled ‘Kamaal the Abstract’.  What many aren’t aware of is that, aside from being the main producer in A Tribe Called Quest (No, it WASN’T Ali Shaheed), Q-Tip is actually a trained musician and an established Jazz producer producing for some of the scene’s heaviest hitters including Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kenny Garrett and more (the Former he actually went to school with alongside De La Soul and Afrika Baby Bam of the Jungle Brothers — Damn…good school).  Unfortunately, outside of a few pieces of promo wax, this never saw the light of day.

Anyways…nuff yackin, onto the goodies.

Q-Tip – Barely In Love

Q-Tip – Blue Girl

And since Digit gave you the track yesterday….today, I present the Vid.

A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way (Prod. by J Dilla)

And this one just because….

I always keep my promises.