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Dope music courtesy of dope people with dope friends in a dope spot for a dope price.


Starts PROMPTLY at 10 and remember, traffic is gonna be B-A-N-A-N-A-S! so PLEASE leave early.  You don’t wanna be making out with cabbie at midnight.

Anyways…as you prepare for a Fine ’09….here’s a little something to let you remember ’08.

Courtesy of VA’s own Skillz  – HIS ANNUAL (2008)Wrap-Up (it’s a radio rip).

Click flick to DL.

I’ll see you all tonight.

And remember….the Boys at HHHT would really love to see you around for ’09 so TAKE A CAB!

Be safe and wonderful.


1. …to see people like Joe Budden succeed.

To all rappers and true lovers of Hip-Hop, if you’ve had the privilege of following Buddens, you’ll know that he’s serious.

After one big tune and a poorly received debut on Def Jam, Joe seemed destined to travel the path of the Mike Jones’ and Yung Joc’s of the Rap world: one big single and then a career spent trying to regain that success. However, Joe showed his resilience and integrity and accepted the position he was in.  Instead of trying to come back with another Pump It Up, he went left and put out something that HE wanted to put out: the Mood Muzik Mixtape Series. A raw, unrelenting display of pure, unadulterated, good ol’ fashioned Hip-Hop that put Joe amongst the lyrical giants.  It brought Joe back into the eye of both the underground and online hip-hop communities and more importantly, shed his ‘Pump It Up’ skin.

Now, I’m not trying to paint him as the savior or anything like that.  Joe has his weakness, and it’s one he shares with Jadakiss, Kurupt, Canibus, Ras Kass and Eminem:  Excellent rappers who can’t pick beats if their life depended on it. But even still, I’d rather hear a Joe Budden verse on your little brothers Garage Band beat over Mims on a Just Blaze banger.

Anyways…to my point….

….actually I’ll just let Jay Smooth break it down for you.

The Full Joe Budden Response

And Joe Budden doin Joe Budden on Green Lantern’s Invasion(his behavior at the beginning is confusing so watch the whole thing)

2. …to hear more NEW De La Soul.

Brand New De La with Eslam Jawaad.  This WILL be played on NYE.

Click the Picture for DL!

3. …to hear more New D’Angelo.

This track is kind of like if you mixed the Brown Sugar songs with the Voodoo sensibilities.  I like.

Click pic for DL.

4. …to Celebrate NEW YEARS EVE at…


Get your shirts ironed and pantaloons pressed.

It’s goin down.


Sorry bout the 2 day hiatus folks – food was gettin ate, meetings were gettin met, and livers were punished by Santa for being on the naughty list.   But we’re back and the Effect is Full.

First things first…new music.

As everyone’s gettin jacked for Notorious and still geeked off Jay, Kanye and Santogold’s contribution, I bring you some new soundtrack cuts that Mister Cee premiered over the weekend.

(Disclaimer – The qualities not great and Mister Cee’s all over it, but the dope is still there.)

Jadakiss – Letter to B.I.G. (Feat. Faith Evans)
Notorious B.I.G. – Microphone Murderer (Unreleased from Biggie’s FIRST Demo tape)

Next up, some more from Braggadocious Big Brother and Heartbroken Little Brother. I was contemplating whether or not to post this cause DJ Khaled is NOT the Best (as his over confident Tourette’s would have you believe) but I figured some of you may still wanna hear it anyways.

DJ Khaled – Go Hard Remix Feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West & T-Pain.

And as I proclaimed on Friday, it’s D’at time of year again (for me)…so this time, D’Angelo, during his Brown Sugar days, doin a cover of one of my favorite tunes by one of the dopest EVER EVER, Mr. Bill Withers.

D’Angelo – Use Me


And Finally, remembrance of an icon.
Eartha Kitt (January 17, 1927 – December 25, 2008)

Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

Be good to your fam.

Well sirs and madams,

As you digest your turkey, sleep off your egg nog and relax from that mistletoe, I have a few more goodies for your virtual stocking.

Courtesy of the boys over at illRoots, I have a very cool mixtape download by DJ Osk that combines West Coast funk with East Coast spit.

I give you….(click pic to Download)

As many of you know, the Lox are dope lyricists. This has been a constant for many years and with the recent barrage of Jadakiss mixtapes and Holiday Styles (P.) guest features (SEE HUMDRUM by The Roots feat. Mos & Styles) this statement has never been more accurate. However, the fact of the matter is, their ear for beats have left many of their lyrical gems inaudible because dammit….they pick some stinkers.

So although I’m not the biggest perpetuator of Dr. Andre Young M.D., I’m a strong supporter of this concept and hope they can aim for this same quality on their official releases (I really hope Jadakiss’ new album is good. I really really do.).


Once you’ve processed your way through that….some dope.

As my colleagues and loyal readers have come to know, I’m a Native Tongues, Soulquarian and Ummah head (as many North American Asians are for some reason…go figure…I guess we identify with the plight????!! **shrugs shoulders** ). And as I’ve been on my De La rampage for the last few months I thought I might ease up for a second and start giving you another side of my O.C.D. mental.

D’Angelo. Namely…Voodoo. (Yes, the album with the video with the nakedness) But more importantly, the album heralded by musicians worldwide (Specifically session cats and jazzers) as being one of the last great examples of a strong, brave, patient, soulful, highly musical, heavy, etc. etc. etc. record that Popular American Culture has allowed through it’s filter to the Masses blah blah blah (I’ll get off my milk crate now…)

Anyways….point is that it’s good, whether you want to approach it from an academic angle or not…and since 2000, I’ve dedicated (a minimum of) 3 months of every year to this record. And well, it’s begun…again. So stay tuned for the next few weeks for some little D’Nuggets for all my D’Heads. In the meantime…like I said…some dope.

D’Angelo channeling his inner James Brown/Prince.

GOLD is in 5 DAYS!
Get the word out NOW!
Happy Punching Day.

Merry Christmas. All the HHHT friends, lovers, friends of lovers, lovers of friends, friends of friends and lovers of lovers. Happy Bday to my mans Hey Zeus, your still my homeboy. R.I.P. to James Brown.


Soulful Christmas Fan Video

Has all this consumerism led you to forget the real meaning of Christmas?? Let Linus break it down for you, in case you forgot.

Jimmy breaks down and finds out the real meaning of Christmas.

I love how Christmas falls on a Thursday, which means I can do this for the old heads.

Lets take it back a little bit to get reacquainted with a couple hiphop classics.
Treacherous 3 performing Santa’s Rap, from the movie Beat Street.

Classic RUN DMC. Great video, great effects, great lessons learned. Go RUN! Christmas in Hollis.

Remember when all the 80’s babies came together to heal the world. Band Aid – Do They Know Its Christmas.

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without…..Eazy-E – A Merry Muthafuckin Christmas

Stay True

A couple treats for download
James Brown – Soulful Christmas

Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby


Cap 10 = Lamar
Sofa Kings = Lewis and Gilbert
Digit = Poindexter
2 Hands = Wormser
M. Aurelius = Boogar
How can you talk about nerds without the illest nerd video of all time?

and I’ve been trying to find the dirty version of NERD’s lapdance just because it never really gets old but I think the wars on YouTube (haters) have made it disappear and I’m at work, so Googling lapdance isn’t the best thing I can do.

But it is Bubble Bath Wednesdays here at High Heels and Hi-Tops blog and here is a little treat for the ladies:
All the presidents with their shirts off (Just don’t look at the Regan one). Don’t ask me how I found that either. It was emailed to me. Yeah.

It’s Christmas Eve and what better way to celebrate than take the high-speed rail down to Khh and DJ? Anyone in the dirty dirty around to say what’s up, come on by.

Here are a few XXX-Mas presents. People recording themselves dancing, singing or whatever to Christmas songs. First up is Cheech’s long lost cousin’s version of Backdoor Santa

Had to throw the real one in here cause damn if Nate Dogg ain’t good on it

I’m not sure if I love or hate this one

This is what I imagine Christmas to be like at my house five to ten years from now

And finally, this is pretty nice. If anyone has the mpfree, hook it up before I get on that train at 6pm.

Merry Christmas folks. Thanks for all the love and support


You may not be able to tell by my cool, calm demeanour and rugged good looks, but yes ladies and gentlemen, I was once a black nerd. Now I could start and write a whole other blog about this. But I digress, this isn’t the time or the place. But I am a fan of N•E•R•D. They recently released a new album called ‘Seeing Sounds’. One of the songs I really liked from the beginning was ‘Sooner or Later’

The theme of this video reflects the disparaging economic times, but of course adds a rock n roll twist at the end. This one is not embeddable but you can see the video by clicking here.

As I said I’m a pretty big fan of these guys, here’s one of the bangers off their last album ‘Fly or Die’. This one features ?uestlove with the fro-hawk on the drums, and Lenny Kravitz, who’s not featured in the video. Maybe

Now I would argue to say that Kanye West is a Nerd. According to the definition, I would say that he’s a match in all categories. Foolish, contemptable, he lacks social skills and seems pretty boringly studious. Nerd is the new black. Black is the new grey. I’ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, but i know its a pretty popular show. If the show is featuring one of Kanye’s songs, that must be pretty big.

I dont need to see Sandra Oh, kiss, on or off screen ever again. She’s an effing NERD!

Fans who make videos for their favorite songs are nerds. Here’s one for Kanye’s track Amazing!

This isn’t the ‘Official’ video but a good effort none the less.

And i figured i’d be a NERD and let you know about proper bathroom etiquette.


Word Up Triple. Heaven- Bitches. Hell-Ignorance (especially in the form of white shirt, tie wearing zealots) LOL

I’m flipping through the Economist’s End of the Year Edition and I am pretty much amazed at their environment issue and their willingness to make predictions that they are 20 percent sure of. Taking the blind leap of faith, eh? That’s pretty much my vision of heaven. So, seeing Busta take a real chance by putting out the EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL Arab Money, I’m going to take a chance and say that Busta’s song is pure genius!

Busta’s muslim, so why would he place holy scripture from the Quran beside gutter talk about broads, booty, and b$@#@es? (Heaven is on Earth, that’s why! ha ha ha)

Why would Taliban members use holy scripture that talk about graciousness and mercy while at the same time do things that are far from merciful and gracious in the name of Allah? (see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 for one view)

The extravagance of those who have is to be criticized and so is the ascetism and dogmatic thinking of the fundamentalists who are often pawns in somebody else’s game (Christian, Muslim, or otherwise). NOW, We’re talking…Busta…

New Zealand is known more for its sheep than its hip hop acts but the Misfits of Science are a little slice of Heaven. They drop a lil’ science with Fools Love:

Enjoy your Sunday, I certainly have. Digit

Well folks, the Surveys are in and it’s official: The Sofa Kings and Marcus A. turned the party out!!

In following with our standard M.O., calves were punished, vocal chords were strained and buttocks’ were thrown around in a manner that would have grandma spinning in her pine box. All in all, good times (BIG Thanks to the loyal HHHT supporters who are always down for a jam). However, as much as I love my nights of mayhem, I love my days of rest just as much. So on this Heaven or Hell Sunday…I give you….

….a little bit o’ heaven….
Dre Day
A new tune from Mr. Day ‘n Night – Kid Cudi. I’ve only heard 2 songs from this guy, but me like so far.

Kid Cudi – Super Boo
And in case you missed it
Kid Cudi – Day ‘n Nite (Crookers Remix)

And another track from Dilla’s unreleased Pay Jay. This time a collab he did with Soul Brother No.1, Pete Rock.

J Dilla – Remember That

And now…a little bit o’ hell…
This is for my man M.A.

*Disclaimer – Don’t drink ANYTHING while you watch this.

And some more pain.

Be well folk.

Toniiiiight’s the niiiiiight….

As I sit here getting my Perseus on, preparing for tonight’s Clash of the Titans, I got to thinking about Classic Clashes of the past and thought about re-hashing the good ol’ days.  You know, the ‘Hit’em Up‘s and the ‘Bridge is Over‘s, that goodness that scrunches up your face and gets you all excited to call your like-minded homies so you can get your hip-hop nerd-on but still feel cool cause EVERYONE is into it.

Well…I thought about it, and really, that’s more of a Thursday thing. So today, I bring you some noteworthy clashes of Now (not necessarily music based):

– George W. Bush vs. the U.S.A. (also see: George W. Bush vs. Shoes)

President Bush is not a popular man.  This has been determined.  But, for some reason (perhaps he’s been rockin a little too much Maino) Dubya is dead set on being the Michael Jordan of bad calls until the very second he leaves office.

Rolling Stone recently published this article:

With president-elect Barack Obama already taking command of the financial crisis, it’s tempting to think that regime change in America is a done deal. But if George Bush has his way, the country will be ruled by his slash-and-burn ideology for a long time to come. – click here for full article.

Mike Tyson vs. Food

There ain’t much Iron left.  I miss good Tyson fights.  I really do.

(click pic to see clips from new documentary coming ’09)

– Busta Rhymes/Ron Browz vs. the Arab Community

Busta’s been catching a LOT of heat for his new club wrecker, ‘Arab Money’.   And while he’s gone on to try and clarify/justify his position (not to mention having received a pass from many figures in the Arab-American community for the original), the new remix with T-Pain, Diddy & Akon just got Busta’s pass revoked and shredded.

– Ying Yang Twins vs. Christmas

No, they’re not actually against Christmas.  But it sure feels like it…(btw, this is REAL.)

Anyways, I really could go on and on, but you should probably go get ready for tonight’s show.

I’ll be the one with the Mic and the De La Lows (Check for the Hi’s on NYE).


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