-Marcus Aurelius


There is no other city more storied than Brooklyn in hip-hop. That’s why people get all silly when they get new sheeeeeeiiiit from some of Brooklyn’s finest MCs here. Big. Jigga. Throw in a dash of Santogold (produced by Kanye) and you have three mixes of a new joint from the movie Notorious. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that pic.

I figured we needed some more Brooklyn representation, so I’m going to get ya. Most likely, everyone already has these but they still need to be replayed over and over


I’m the one man army named A son

Remember when this album came out and Rolling Stone named it in the top three of the year? I tried to like it Osirus, but all that talk about licking the boot-ay just turned me off. Still a dope ass picture though. Kind of like JR without the beard.


Real cool cause Brooklyn’s cool. Friday noon on the first day of school.

Who would have known that Search would get his own alarm clock? That’s the holy grail of hip-hop right there. Right next to that Raekwon doll with the gold eagle on it’s arm.


Cause it’s the B the R the O the O K LYN is the place where I stay

Mighty Mos’ ode to Brooklyn reminds me of my first year in Taipei when I used to listen to this song on a tape while ridin’ the motorcycle. Rap more, Mos…i beg you. Acting is nice but…




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