On this Heaven or Hell Sunday, I choose heaven.

Im still coming off the high of HHHT Vol.2 on Friday night. I love how music can work people into an absolute frenzy. Im sure a touch of alcohol helps too(all you can drink??!!!) But once again the HHHT squad held it down LOVELY on the music tip. Once again y’all came out and partied like some fukkin rock stars. High heels and high tops we’re rocked once again.

Pics will be up this week, and word on Vol.3 will be coming very soon.
We got some great things in store for next year, so stay tuned.

Since i’m up so early, Nice and Smooth ‘Early to Rise’. A piece of heaven…

I’ve been meaning to give this to you guys for a minute.

Air Yeezy coming soon.grey-air-yeezy-tsg-2

Remember Calculator watches???


Much like Bone Crusha, I aint neva scared!! But this scares me. Imagine this in the wrong hands. A piece of hell…