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I’m about to get all shamelessly Canuck on y’all and plug a hometown hero. Those from Canada and particularly those from Toronto, are probably very familiar with this man, Kardinal Offishall aka Kardi Kardi aka Mr. Celebrity Face.
Kardi recently got signed to Konvict Music, which is Akon’s label, and has released his 4th LP as the newest member of the Konvict fam. This release isn’t supposedly ‘new’, its a couple months old but if you havent heard it then its new to your ears, which is all that matters really.

Anyways, his new album is called ‘Not 4 Sale’, he’s got a bunch of featured guests on like Akon, Rihanna, Clipse, Sean Paul, J*Davey and Glenn Lewis


If you haven’t seen the video for the first single ‘Dangerous’ yet. Here it is. They’re even playing this one in Taiwanese nightclubs. Bonafide hit.

Also he just released the video for the 2nd single ‘Numba 1’ featuring Keri Hilson, who is signed to Timberland’s label Mosley Music Group. Rihanna was singing the hook for this on the album, but I guess she wasn’t hot enough to make the video or some shit like that…

Here are a couple tracks to rock in your portable player
Burnt feat. Lindo P <—Don’t ride your scooter and listen to this one, you may start hopping around while seriously exceeding the speed limit.

Going In


No for real, its all because of you. HHHT doesn’t exist without you. If not for you, we’d just be a bunch of guys in a room geeking out to our music. So we’re glad y’all keep coming back to check the blog and spreading the word to your friends about the greatest party to hit Taipei since…who knows.

Those who were in attendance on Friday know what kind of madness went down. One of my fond memories that night was at the end of the night seeing a bunch of ladies sitting down from the utter exhaustion of dancing too much. Amazing.

Anyways, our main man Joey ‘Crack’ Russo was not in the house, but none the less we still got some good pics from the night. Shout to Charles for taking on the task. Haha. For the rest of you we’ll be coming at you again in January with Part 3. Stay tuned….


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