Charles Hamilton, (a.k.a. Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a. Jimmy Iovine’s newest muse) has been EVERYWHERE this past year.  From radio, to mixtapes, to every hip hop sites ‘artist of the month’ …this kid is grinding.

But it’s not his grind that impresses me, (cause let’s face it, even Plies has a pretty decent grind game but if you ever catch me playing a Plies track , it’ll either be the greatest song of all time, or John Starks and Patrick Ewing came out of retirement to resurrect my heart ache known as the New York Knicks.) no it’s his RAPPING!  He’s an actual emcee!  A 19 year old, major label signee that ACTUALLY cares (remember that?  Remember when majors used to sign Emcees??).  HE ACTUALLY FREESTYLES (I don’t mean Lil Flip Freestyle, I mean Hieroglyphics freestyle) And luckily (imo), in his own words “[Soulja Boy]’s goal is to make you dance, mine is to make you think.”

Now, truthfully, I wasn’t a big fan of his at first.  I saw him freestyling on Green Lantern’s show and was hugely excited by the fact he was as phenomenal as he was, especially at that age, his content was as thick as his flow which was as nice as his endurance. But let’s be fair, Supernatural’s a phenomenal freestyler too but I have yet to support any of his records.  And up until that point, I had yet to hear a record from him that I actually cared about.

Well, fast forward to now and that’s all changed. I recognize they’re not the most mindblowing tracks ever, but they’re refreshing to me. And that makes’em spin-worthy.

Charles Hamilton – Brooklyn Girls

Charles Hamilton – November 10th

And like any good hype, this wouldn’t be complete without a little beef. And boy do I like this beef….

Charles Hamilton vs. Soulja Boy
Charles strikes First.

Soulja Boy replies.

Charles clowns.

To be continued…