As predicted by ?uestlove (of the Legendary Roots crew), the blog of ’09 will be Twitter.*

*Editor’s note: I tried to link the video but then realized I forgot where I had seen it (damn A.D.D.) — plus, youtube’s givin me nothin. So you’re gonna have to take my word for it.

Anyways, since I’ve recently been swept in by this Twitter-Coup, I thought I’d try a Twitter Blog without….Twitter-ing? (Is Twitter the new word for ’09?)

HIP HOP WINTER CLASH Tomorrow at V.U.! Sofa Kings, Marcus A, Black Reign and more! Check the thumbys.

NYE GOLD has been ANNOUNCED! Get there EARLY early! And I mean, if you’re coming by cab, aim for 2 hours AHEAD of schedule cause traffic gets RIDICULOUS!!

Dipset….no homo?

Another fantastic version HERE

Marcus A put you on the track a couple weeks ago. Now here’s the Vid:
Jay-Zed – Brooklyn Go HARD (This track is dangerous…HO-LY!)

Twitter is actually just another word for point form.

Peace to CAP X. Strikes alllll day! And this ain’t no Wii bowling neither.

See you tomorrow night.
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