Word Up Triple. Heaven- Bitches. Hell-Ignorance (especially in the form of white shirt, tie wearing zealots) LOL

I’m flipping through the Economist’s End of the Year Edition and I am pretty much amazed at their environment issue and their willingness to make predictions that they are 20 percent sure of. Taking the blind leap of faith, eh? That’s pretty much my vision of heaven. So, seeing Busta take a real chance by putting out the EXTREMELY CONTROVERSIAL Arab Money, I’m going to take a chance and say that Busta’s song is pure genius!

Busta’s muslim, so why would he place holy scripture from the Quran beside gutter talk about broads, booty, and b$@#@es? (Heaven is on Earth, that’s why! ha ha ha)

Why would Taliban members use holy scripture that talk about graciousness and mercy while at the same time do things that are far from merciful and gracious in the name of Allah? (see Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 for one view)

The extravagance of those who have is to be criticized and so is the ascetism and dogmatic thinking of the fundamentalists who are often pawns in somebody else’s game (Christian, Muslim, or otherwise). NOW, We’re talking…Busta…

New Zealand is known more for its sheep than its hip hop acts but the Misfits of Science are a little slice of Heaven. They drop a lil’ science with Fools Love:

Enjoy your Sunday, I certainly have. Digit