Merry Christmas. All the HHHT friends, lovers, friends of lovers, lovers of friends, friends of friends and lovers of lovers. Happy Bday to my mans Hey Zeus, your still my homeboy. R.I.P. to James Brown.


Soulful Christmas Fan Video

Has all this consumerism led you to forget the real meaning of Christmas?? Let Linus break it down for you, in case you forgot.

Jimmy breaks down and finds out the real meaning of Christmas.

I love how Christmas falls on a Thursday, which means I can do this for the old heads.

Lets take it back a little bit to get reacquainted with a couple hiphop classics.
Treacherous 3 performing Santa’s Rap, from the movie Beat Street.

Classic RUN DMC. Great video, great effects, great lessons learned. Go RUN! Christmas in Hollis.

Remember when all the 80’s babies came together to heal the world. Band Aid – Do They Know Its Christmas.

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without…..Eazy-E – A Merry Muthafuckin Christmas

Stay True

A couple treats for download
James Brown – Soulful Christmas

Otis Redding – Merry Christmas Baby