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HHHT Patrons,

It’s my honor and privilege to inform you that: PLUSH GOT TURNED OUT!!!

Like, I don’t mean for this blog to become monotonous and maintain the same “we did awesome, the party was rocked, blah, blah” schtick after every HHHT-involved show, but hey, if we were to have a schtick, ‘Turning (insert venue name here) Out’ isn’t such a bad gimmick.

Tittsworth is a Massacre inducing superstar.  Something you don’t readily presume from his friendly, polite demeanor.  He turned the capacity crowd into one heaping mess of flailing arms and legs and I’m pretty positive everyone has Usain Bolt-type calves as of yesterday.  This man is definitely one DJ you must see during your clubbing tenure.

Now now, aside from the headliner, I can’t forget the fantastic HHHT cast who not only served as the support for the evening, but showed why we ARE the heaviest crew on the island.  Carl Winslow heavy? Nope.  Uncle PHIL heavy.  Word up.  Also, big shout out to Patricia and crew for throwing together this heaping pile of goodness.

Anyways….it was an amazing night and we’ll be hitting you up with the visual proof ASAP.

In the meantime, I give you goodies.

Everyone in the world loves’em and so should you.

Raekwon Feat. Ghostface – Criminology ’09 (click flick for dl)

They’re back and continue to keep killing faces.  Beatnick & K-Salaam refix one of the world’s greatest baby making anthems.

Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On (Beatnick & K-Salaam) [click flick for dl]

And while we’re on the subject….how bout some unreleased Mos Def & Sizzla over some more Beatnick & K-Salaam gravy.

Mos Def Feat. Sizzla – Victory (click flick for dl)

Finally…I’m proud to announce that the PPF House website will be re-launching February 1st featuring new art, music and movies from their new expanded roster of talent including: howie shia, the Worst Pop Band Ever, LEO37, Sunclef, MAGNOLIUS and the Abyss. So be sure to check that out.  ’09 is goodie time.

You can also head to their myspace page to acquaint yourself with the Toronto-based production label until Sunday.

Have a great weekend folks.


On some Canadian shit. The crew was on some Can-con bizniz last weekend, and having been freshly returned from the T-dot, its only fitting that for this Thursday I re-acquaint you with the elder statesman of Canadian Hip hop. Maestro Fresh Wes.


First album. A classic. Let your backbone slide is still the top selling Canadian hip hop single, and the album Symphony In Effect is the still the top selling hip hop album with 190,000 copies sold. Almost double platinum. Maestro aint no joke. He had solid beats and he could rhyme. He had the dancers and the charisma. Some might say he was Canada’s equilvalent Big Daddy Kane.

Check the videos:

Let Your Backbone Slide. The DOPE STATE jackets were pretty dope.

The 2nd single from that album was ‘Drop The Needle. Maestro came strong.

His 2nd Album was the Black Tie Affair.


Not nearly as good as the first album, but it did have this awesome cut. ‘Conductin Thangs’. I still play this one. Its gets people jumping.

He kinda fell off after this album. He worked with Showbiz & AG (to be discussed on another Thursday) on his next album called ‘Nah dis kid can’t be from Canada’. Wack title. Wack album. I prefer to remember the Maestro of old in all his tuxedo suited glory. Please enjoy.

Now on to whats good.




Plush is located on the 12th floor at the Living Mall
八德路4段138號12樓(京華城12樓)/ 12 F #138 Sec.4 Ba-da Rd
Cover is 500NT. All you can drink.
The High Heels and Hi Tops crew will be in the building.
Aint no work tomorrow.
Dont miss it!
Say Word!

A word that has many meanings, two of them being: eurphoric or intoxicated on drugs. ‘High’ is the word I often hear club owners and managers in Taipei use to describe how the people should be feeling.
‘Make the people feel high’.
‘Well….give them some weed n-word!’ is often my response.

But I digress, tomorrow (Thursday, January 29) night the HHHT crew will be rocking alongside one of the greats in the party scene, Tittsworth. Hit that link to get to all his pages, myspace, facebook, twitter, press, mixes and naked pics.
Tittsworth mixes fast and plays hard. He will definitely keep yo ass shaking, all night long. The last time he was here in Taipei, he played Roxy Vibe. Yes that Vibe, and the night was teetering on madness the entire time he was on the decks. Its one of the only nights where i’ve seen everyone inside dancing. Musically his sets run from booty to electro, to 80’s, to floor stomping b-more, hip hop, rock and beyond. You will smile. You will dance. You will want more.
He’s just finished an 8 city tour of Australia and Taipei is the first stop on the asian leg of this tour which will see him also stopping in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore.
Tomorrow night @ Plush its the first stop of the BROKE THESE DAYS TOUR.

You can download the exclusive BROKE THESE DAYS MIX

Check out the article from last weeks VInyl Word.

and the flyer for the event.


Ladies i didnt forget about you. Come out tomorrow night and i’ll give you a Happy New Year hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Real talk.


rihanna-mobo-awards-2007I got a brand new track from Rihanna. Taiwans favorite Umbrella rocking R&B songstress.

This one is called How I like it

Let us know how you like it.
Vodka and Raging Bull

Kanye is a visionary, and I was cool with the Fro-hawk, but im fighting tooth and nail against the mullet.

kanye-mulletAll biz up front, party in the back. Jeez. I mentioned some time ago that Kanye was working on a new shoe for Nike called the Air Yeezy. Well seems like the Air Yeezy’s are about to see the light of day. Im not sure when these are going to be available, but as far as high tops go, I’m pretty sure I could rock the hell out of these with a dope pair of jeans. 


For those who like to ball out and rock something a little pricier than Nike’s. Kanye has just finished work on a shoe line for Louis Vuitton. Yeah, the Louis Vuitton Don has fulfilled his fashion destiny and designed a shoe that is already on the feet of the famous.


And he did a little something for the ladies too.


Its only a week after super Tuesday and I just saw this. The Obama Action Figure. Its available from a toy maker in Japan, comes with interchangeable hands and ties, a mic, flag, stool and a world changing YES WE CAN scowl. Ladies, this makes a perfect Valentines gift for the man in your life.


He also comes with a light saber, good for inter galactic battles.



And finally some new music

weezy1Weezy has just confirmed that he will be releasing a Rock album in April this year. There will be a bunch of tracks leaking to the interweb soon enough. 

Here’s the first one.

Prom Queen

Oh yeah, Thursday its going down. Tittsworth X HHHT @ Plush.


Its shall be brought.

Happy Tuesday

The Bull rages on.


Often lies the man. Its a holiday Monday, which means, a whole lot of sleeping in. Nah mean. On to some manic Monday bizniz. Gonna take a look at a few masked men who have put out some good music. Check it. 

First up, everyone’s favorite super villain, MF DOOM. Interesting story about Doom. He was once a super happy, positive uplifting rapper named Zev Love X. He and his brother Subroc made up the crew KMD. Long story short, Subroc died in a car accident. Zev drowned his sorrows in the bottle and morphed himself into MF DOOM. On early 12 releases you can hear him slurring words. I like this video because he’s drunk and playing with a machete. Awesome.
MF DOOM – Questions feat. Kurious

Next up everyone’s favorite Wu Tang member, Ghostface Killah. The man who is on some now you see me, now you dont shit. Apparently Ghost was really on the run when the Wu was just catching some wreck in NYC. Which is why he was wearing the mask back then. Since revealing the face, Ghost has become one of the most consistent, outspoken, comedic and prolific artists from the Wu-Tang camp. The man used to rock a golden eagle on his forearm. Jeeez.

Wu Tang Clan – Da mystery of Chessboxin

RZA the man behind the success of the Wu-tang donned his own mask as his id-indulging alter ego Bobby Digital. Bobby was the womanizing, futuristic street thug, ying, to RZA’s disciplined manual writing, enterprise building, yang.

Holocaust – Bobby Digital

Then one day the masked men met. DangerDoom feat Ghostface – The Mask

I like this one for the old school wrestling masks. Remember how ill it was when they would unmask someone on wrestling??? Im hoping these guys do a video like that. It would be so dope. These guys have provided some of your favorite songs to sing along to in the last couple years. It would only be proper to include the mysterious french duo known as Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Happy Monday
Raging Bull

I might have A.D.D. So might you. So in accordance with both of our attention spans, on this heaven or hell Sunday, I choose heaven.

1st. Raekwon the Chef – Heaven or Hell

2nd. Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell

and 3rd. Curtis Mayfield – If there’s hell down below, were all gonna go

Happy New Year

Gong xi, Gong xi


As New Year’s Part 2 prepares for its grand entrance into the world (a.k.a. The Ox Strikes Back) and I watch the island formerly known as Formosa scramble around frantically throwing up good fortune banners, tossing out a years worth of whose-it’s and whatchamacallits and loading up Red Envelopes for the future Ah-Bien’s of the world, I realized that perhaps this is my opportunity to provide the loyal HHHT readers with their very own Red Envelope (also, the majority of the crew will be out of commission for the next few days, and this is in case the remainees want a break).

For the Funky:

The minds behind my favorite album of ’05 and hopefully one of my favorite albums of ’09, I give you: The Platinum Pied Pipers – Abundance: Official Mixtape

This is the pre-cursor to their  just-released Sophomore set, (also named) Abundance.  And if you’re like me and waiting on your next cheque to clear before you get that record, here’s some dope to tide you over.

Click flick for DL

For the New Heads:

As I had proclaimed weeks ago, I’m a fan of Charles Hamilton.  And well, while he doesn’t knock everything out of the park, it’s nice to see a kid who actually knows his ledge and respects his craft back in the public eye.  So for those who still aren’t on Interscope’s next golden boy (yes it’s been confirmed, he HAS recorded a new song with Marshall Mathers) The Best of the Hamiltonization Process

Click flick for DL

For the Old Heads:

X-Man/X-Ecutioner Rob Swift is back with a new sampler from his homage to the B-Boy Movement of the ’70’s:  Dust to Dust.  I’m just glad to see the man still kickin it.

Click flick for DL

And Finally…

For the Sexy:

Devil’s Pie: Erykah vs. Jill – need I say more?

Click flick for DL

Happy New Year everyone.

Be well this weekend.


p.s. – Marcus is in Kaohsiung at the Pig & Whistle tonight…9:30-11:30 free drinks for all Facebook members!!!!

I was watching the inaguration and feelin’ that feeling. Man, it’s been a long road. And man, it’s been worth every second. That tingle when they said President Barack Obama. Not President-elect Obama. Damn. Tears were streaming off my face in a box-hotel room where I had to get up and change the channel to CNN cause they didn’t have a remote. Good thing, because that’s all I watched for two days.

So this is the spirt. Get the funk up. Do something. If you broke your New Year’s resolution, then try again. It’s Chinese New Year. Change something. Be better. Make the world a better place. Give that beggar a sandwhich on the street. Be the CHANGE. Thank you, President Obama. Thank you for getting out and walking along the parade route. Thank you for stepping on your wife’s dress. Thank you for getting to work on closing Guantanamo. Thank you for saying we don’t tortue. I would bet that Obama’s presidency is already…at day 3… better than Bush’s.

People. Do something. Take less teaching hours and learn Chinese. Or Caligraphy. Smoke one less joint per day and write a column for a blog (plug plug). Play less video games and go out and do something that you’ve always thought was interesting but never did.

OK. The soapbox is over but sometimes the fingers just get to clicking. Anyway, Jay-Z refers to this in his remix, but that doesn’t nearly do what it should. Along the lines of Change is Gonna Come and Is It Because I’m Black, I present Rosa Sat. Enjoy over and over and then go outside and do something good for someone.

Salut mes Amis,

The following artists need no introductions. And if you require one, I insist you go buy yourself some good ol’ fashioned COM-PACT DISQUES.

Classic bon bons for that Ol’ Skool lovin palette of yours.

Q-Tip, circa ’98 when he was forced (much like Prince, but less publicly), to change his name due to contract issues.  This just recently surfaced and is what some heads like to call, DOPE!

The Lone Ranger (Q-Tip’s alter Ego) – It’s Yours (prod. by Q-Tip)


If you heard these before then you are TRULY a 12″ master (and I ain’t talkin John Holmes – Hiyoooooooooo — yes I went there.  Deal with it.)  I’m not sure who originally posted this, but I got it from the good folks at Soul Sides.

Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo – I Declare War
Craig G. – Drop A Bomb On’em

Finally, a baby Shawn Carter brandishin his skills on this ol’ dusty demo tape.

Jay-Z – Pass the Roc

And as a final bonus (and completely unrelated), something that had me chuckling pretty heavy.



So my Neighbours president is Black.


I say my neighbour’s because I’m Canadian and well, unfortunately we’re still stuck with Bush’s Mini-me, Stephen Harper, who you may know for this wonderful sentiment: “Ordinary folks don’t care about arts.”


But I digress, today’s post is not about complaining but about celebrating, celebrating something so big, so monumentous, so stupendous, so…….ha, just kidding.  You know why Obama’s awesome.

Here’re some other people to let you know why he’s awesome.

Jay-Smooth:  The Illdoctrine. – This is money right here.  Always money.

Jay-Z – My President is Black (Remix)

Click flick for DL

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – Aer Obama: A weird stop motion-mash-tribute to Mr. 44.

And Finally, a short goodbye to Mr. 43 from Canada’s own bad boy of media, George Stroumboulopoulos.

Be sure to check CAP’s post below for some extra laughs and goodness.

We’re back in effect people.  Get with it.


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