~Marcus A.

I’ve been slacking on the blog no doubt. But I haven’t been slacking in real life. I’ve been working on big tings man, big tings. My apologies. But I have a little free time right now. So I’d love to give you some of the stuff I’ve been digging lately. 

First off, Scarface. I know I know. You are like Scarface again? Nah, not the old shiiiii. The new shieeeee. Working an office job gives a person time to listing to albums. His Emeritus is pretty damn good. At least the first half. But this song. Wowowowowowwowowowow.

High Powered-Scarface (Guaranteed to make the leaners lean and the get lowers get lower and lower)

What else? I’m still jocking Keys and Krates like a mother. In my dreams, this is what music ends up being as we get older. The DJ as the lead singer. This is kinda new:

And an oldie but watch JR FLO get down


While you’re watching:

Inspire yourself in 2009. I mean when are we going to have these block parties in TAIPAID?

one more treat Kanye and Wayne-Magical