Oooooh…we’re soooo close.  I can smell it….and it smells like Deliciousnessess.

Tomorrow IS HHHT3:Taichung Edition…and to prepare, I’ve got a ton more goodies to keep your head bopulatin til tomorrow even’n.

Let us begin with Jumpoff Joe Beezy.

As I previously posted around NYE’ish, I’m a fan of Joe Budden: A smart dude with ridiculous 16’s (although he tends to rock 24’s or 32’s).  He’s been receiving many commends for his recent display of logic and common sense, and well, he’s back with some more…this time kickin it towards DJ Vlad on Shade 45’s Lip Service:

And just for good measure, a tune off Budden’s latest Halfway House. The album’s not great, but this is a nice tune.

Joe Budden – Sidetracked

And well, as anyone on the team can vouch, I’m a large Dilla fan.  And although I’m usually really eager to embrace all Dilla related products, since his passing, there have been a slew of people getting on Dilla beats that I don’t readily assume would have had the opportunity had he not fallen ill.

The following was another potential case.  I’m not Termanology’s biggest fan, and originally wasn’t going to post this, but after a quick run through…the beats are dope, there are some great guestspots and quite frankly, he does a pretty decent job (I guess there’s a reason why he’s Primo co-signed — see previous post). Anyways…some definite Bopulatin on this…nice to have on while you’re workin on stuff….

Click Flick for DL

And finally, in case you wanted to just hear some straight up, dope ass, raw ass Dilla.  I give you some more unreleased ish.  This time, his collabo with (then Roc-A-Fella Freshman) Kanye West.

Click Flick for DL

I’ll see you tomorrow night.