You want the new.

I give you the new.

Un. Busta Rhymes feat. Young Jeezy and Jadakiss – Conglomerate.

Originally featured on Busta’s mixtape ‘Back On My Shit’ (the prequel to B.O.M.B. – cover art below) – not sure if this version is just a street single, or if it’ll be on the new record.  Whaddya think?

Click flick for DL – I like this cover very very much.

Deux. Jadakiss – Can’t Stop Me.

Like I’ve always said, I like me some Jadakiss.  However, as I’ve also always said…he picks some poo poo beats.  This one is one of the better tunes that I’ve heard from his upcoming – The Last Kiss. You like?

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Trois. Hollyweerd – Electricity Showroom (full mixtape)

These guys are dope.  At least I think so.  A mish mash of Sa-Ra, the Coup, Outkast and Big Black Lincoln….they could be big (At least ATL thinks so….).

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Quatre.Blu – Til We Die

Since last year’s Blu & ExileBelow The Heavens, I was hooked.  This L.A. gabber’s intricate lyrics and sensitive cadences reflect not only a man who actually still loves his craft but more importantly, someone who believes in positive change in our less than inspired climate.

Not sure if I like his solo stuff better than his stuff with Exile, but regardless, he’s yet to fall short (personally).

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Blu – Vanity