So my Neighbours president is Black.


I say my neighbour’s because I’m Canadian and well, unfortunately we’re still stuck with Bush’s Mini-me, Stephen Harper, who you may know for this wonderful sentiment: “Ordinary folks don’t care about arts.”


But I digress, today’s post is not about complaining but about celebrating, celebrating something so big, so monumentous, so stupendous, so…….ha, just kidding.  You know why Obama’s awesome.

Here’re some other people to let you know why he’s awesome.

Jay-Smooth:  The Illdoctrine. – This is money right here.  Always money.

Jay-Z – My President is Black (Remix)

Click flick for DL

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – Aer Obama: A weird stop motion-mash-tribute to Mr. 44.

And Finally, a short goodbye to Mr. 43 from Canada’s own bad boy of media, George Stroumboulopoulos.

Be sure to check CAP’s post below for some extra laughs and goodness.

We’re back in effect people.  Get with it.