I was watching the inaguration and feelin’ that feeling. Man, it’s been a long road. And man, it’s been worth every second. That tingle when they said President Barack Obama. Not President-elect Obama. Damn. Tears were streaming off my face in a box-hotel room where I had to get up and change the channel to CNN cause they didn’t have a remote. Good thing, because that’s all I watched for two days.

So this is the spirt. Get the funk up. Do something. If you broke your New Year’s resolution, then try again. It’s Chinese New Year. Change something. Be better. Make the world a better place. Give that beggar a sandwhich on the street. Be the CHANGE. Thank you, President Obama. Thank you for getting out and walking along the parade route. Thank you for stepping on your wife’s dress. Thank you for getting to work on closing Guantanamo. Thank you for saying we don’t tortue. I would bet that Obama’s presidency is already…at day 3… better than Bush’s.

People. Do something. Take less teaching hours and learn Chinese. Or Caligraphy. Smoke one less joint per day and write a column for a blog (plug plug). Play less video games and go out and do something that you’ve always thought was interesting but never did.

OK. The soapbox is over but sometimes the fingers just get to clicking. Anyway, Jay-Z refers to this in his remix, but that doesn’t nearly do what it should. Along the lines of Change is Gonna Come and Is It Because I’m Black, I present Rosa Sat. Enjoy over and over and then go outside and do something good for someone.