E. Badu had a baby. I think this is about her third. But guess what? She was twittering through the whole birth. Number one Twitter sucks (but i’m on it for some unknown reason..follow me or something). Number two, take a break from the technology. Number three…and here’s the big one. Get those kids in some Got Dam music classes. That woman’s got babies from C to O double M O N, Ice Cold Andre 6000 and now Jay Electronica. Damn woman. I was gonna say she she hook them up with Lauren Hill clan, but I think they got a few Grammys in a couple of years coming to ’em. 

Big up to everyone who came out to Tittsworth. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. And a big shouts go out to Cap and Leo who held it down on the mic the whole night. 

Did you say you wanted some muzak? Well, George Clinton has decided that the No Smoking laws in Taiwan were good, so he stopped smoking the pipe. Long enough to record a real nice jam with Charlie Tuna. GEt it one fellas (click here for DL)

And you all know Oliver Wang. He’s on some good shit. Like the OG blogger up in here. We’ll he posted up a real nice Amsterdam Gangster remix that I’m sure people would appreciate. (Party Life Click here)

2133214223A week with no promotion is a good week.