Quick question, what’s worse?  Video game anger? or Computer anger? Are they the same?

Like, by worse I mean the most infuriating because you can’t actually argue with either and yet, when they’re uncooperative, they manage to stir up more malice and animosity within you than any sibling ever has. Or maybe that’s just me.

All I know is, if I was rich, I’d probably be on my 34th computer right now as the rest lay in a computer graveyard out my top floor window.  But I digress, after having some issues with my internet yesterday, I’m back in full effect with plenty of goodies for this Free-For-All Friday.

You like Wu-Tang?  I like Wu-Tang.  You like GZA?  I also like GZA.  Here’s some GZA.

GZA – Seven Pounds (remix) (click flick)

How bout Jay-Z?  Here’s all his new stuff since American Gangster in one neat little package.

Jay-Z – Prelude to Blueprint 3 (click flick)

And how ’bout Shepard Fairey? The man once known for being behind the Obey campaign is now synonymous with Mr. 44 and change due to his instantly iconic Obama pic — that’s poised to be the next Photobooth default setting next to the Warhol one….(incidentally, I went to the Andy Warhol exhibit here in Taipei yesterday and well….I think I hate him. (click for more)

Anyways…here’s Shepard Fairey talkin bout his Obama flick with Boing Boing.


Stay tuned for a very special Dilla Birthday post tomorrow.