No. I’m not talking about KRS Brown beating Rihanna down in his rented Lambo. Shame on you kid. Don’t you know you can’t be strangling a superstar? Anyway, people say that the highlight was Radiohead, but I can’t lie. I’m a hater. No love at all. I even tried to watch their performance but…I just have no love for that shieeeeee. But I did enjoy MIA coming out on the date her baby was due to still perform with the Swaggur boyz. Dope.

by the way, how awful is that writing on the top of youtube now. Come on people.

But I do have a confession. I am starting to like Twitter. I’ve figured out the key. You need like 1 or 200 people to follow then it’s funny. The best thing about the Grammys was Diplo vs Questlove on Twitter. But don’t follow MC Hammer. It’s kind of silly to think about that but don’t do it. He’ll preach at you and I can’t figure out how to UNfollow someone.

Here’s how the mind of a lunatic works

Saturday I was getting ready to soak my brain in various alcoholic beverages, but I had to click some Innanets first. I was on www.discobelle.com and saw this video:

actually, i probably watched it three or four times. I just love that old funky shieeeeet and I’m thinking that 2009 is the year that a British rapper makes it big in the US (more on that later). Anyway, with the Apache break, it’s hard to go wrong. But it’s also hard to keep things sounding fresh, and this surely does. But what was the other sample? Lou Rawls-Dead End Street

I’m a sucker for that old talking rap for like two minutes before a song actually starts, but I’ve never really liked Lou Rawls. Until now. That shit is funky. Yeah. But After searching for both of these songs, I came up pretty empty because Chase and Status are Drum and Bass producers who have recently done an Essential Mix for BBC, so searching for that song is only in the middle of the mix where as a DJ, you want the whole track. Anyway, I put the call out on the Internet and within 24 hours, I had both tracks and an Elephant Man that blows up the spot. I’m not gonna give it to you yet, cause I have a rule that I want to at least play a track once out before I give it away. So if you are going to be in the dirty South this weekend, swing through the ROOF bar and watch the magic go down.n574015318_5800994_5458

I promise I’ll put up those tracks next week as we fire it up for HHHT6 in Taichung City. The other British rapper who has the chance to blow. Wiley. Wearing MY Rolex is a bit old, but I like the term Electro Grime a lot.

Bubbly Bubbly–this goes out to all the English teachers in the house.

and finally, in the UK, there’s a new-ish style of music called Funky. Not to be confused with Funk. Or Funky House. It’s just Funky. And I’m not sure what else is out there, but Kyla voice is really nice. Exactly what’d I’d want to her right before I feel asleep.
Look out.

There’s more new shiiii in the works. Out with the old and in with the new.

PS. This is amazing. Obama read his own book. In it, he does the voice of some of his friends cussing up a storm saying things liek I’m tired of the motherfu*&ing Shhiiiieeeeeee. Download and remix to your hearts delight