Howie Shia make good drawings.

He make dem Real good.

Like Cap did a few days ago with Drizzy, I’m gonna have to get my brag on and rundown some quick stats about another hometown hero.

The heart of Toronto-based production firm, PPF House, Howie (a.k.a. S. Pop) has created/composed both independent and commercial animation, illustration and music for the likes of: The U.N. – Habitat project (yes the actual United Nations, not the rap group), the YMCA, NikePresto Campaign, the National Film Board of Canada, numerous publications, theatre companies, bands, etc. etc. etc.

His project with the NFB, Flutter, not only earned him high-fives from all his homies but a slew of awards including ‘Best Short Film’ at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival and the Tokyo International Anime Fair’s ‘Grand Prize’ (First Canadian to ever do so).

Currently developing 2 original animated series’ with Portfolio Entertainment, Teletoon & Disney’s Jetix Europe, along side more video work for the NFB, as well as written/illustrated works for Image Comics…Howie’s killin’em for ’09.

But in the illustrious words of Teddy Ruxpin: “Don’t take my word for it”

Click below for illustrations:

…For clothing he’s designed.

…And for Videos:

And if by the end of this all, you’re still not a fan…

…here’s something I found by accident.

Oh, btw, I didn’t forget. HHHT6 got BLASTED!  But there’ll be more on that tomorrow as we provide you with visual documentation.

Have a dope Monday folks.

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