Those 3 letters have been the utter joy to kids everywhere for years and years. However the 3 letters now have a new meaning. Peter, Bjorn and John. The 3 names that just might be your favorite band this year. They already came out with the infectious ‘Young Folks’. A catchy tune, that was really easy to whistle along to. In case you need a refresher or have never heard the song or seen the video, here ya go.

PB&J – Young Folks

This is their new song and video. I came across this on the weekend. The song and video are both pretty awesome. Nippon!

PB&J – Nothing to worry about

This is an older song from the Trio. Sticking to the same formula. Catchy beat, easy to hum at work.
PB&J – Lets Call It Off

For those who haven’t downloaded the Drake ‘So Far Gone’ Mixtape yet (stop fucking around, click this shit), here’s a little taste of what he’s cooking, he took the PB&J beat and added something special to it.
Drake feat. PB&J – Lets Call It Off

Their album drops worldwide on March 30th, March 31st in the US.
Check up on it

HHHT6 pics coming sooner than later. Im not gonna tell you how ill it was, just check the pics for evidence.