Hello famalam.
We just got confirmation that the dirty south is about to catch some wreck in a few weeks. HHHT 7&8 will be returning to the dirty south to do the damn thing. More details coming soon.

On to new music, seeing as its Tuesday here are the goods

First up, yard man Trevor aka Busta Bus. He got new shit called Anthrax.


We haven’t heard from 50 Cent since he got bodied by Kanye on their release week battle. Well since then in typical Curtis fashion he’s been beefing with Rick Ross and even took Ross’ wife  fur coat shopping. Curtis your relentless and fucking hilarious. Anyways brand new 50 produced by Dr. Dre

Get It In produced by Dr. Dre

This guy is going to jail soon

tiand he’s been ghostwriting for this guy

dr-dre-picture-1Leaked tracks usually mean a release is coming soon. Here are a couple new ones from Dre featuring T.I. spitting his rhymes for him. Production is definitely on point.


Shit Popped Off

And a little bonus video Chelsea Lately interviewing T.I.

Happy Tuesday mofo’s
HHHT 7&8 coming sooner than later