Yeah its a rainy saturday in Taipei City. Im still laughing my ass off about our new flyer. Its gold. Absolutely brilliant. Glimpses of Genius even. Scroll down if you havent seen it yet.

Here is some very random news from Internet Land. Michael Jackson, the king of pop just announced his final concerts in tne UK in July. This guy has been through so much in the press, that its amazing to see how loyal his real fans still are. They are people near tears in the crowd because they got a chance to see their idol. Im willing to bet my next few months salary that he puts on a fucking amazing show.

On to other amazing things. Watch this video. This guy survives, by some form of miracle, getting hit by a truck that was hit by a train. Incredible.

Fucking incredible right?!
I know

And I just came across this new Young Jeezy video, ‘Circulate’. Its directed by Terry Richardson who is one of those hipster photographers that all the hipster kids love. He’s shot for Vice and American Apparel, Staple, etc, etc. The song is produced by Don Cannon and im loving the horn blasts. Its some good morning music.

Here’s a little Saturday rainy day bonus for y’all.
The Dramatics – In the rain

Hit the gym beeches, HHHT weekend is coming up.
Shuffle b-word shuffle