waakaologoI say hey now. WaaKao. I say what? WaaKao. Damn….

As you may know, I used to work on a website called TaiwanNights…then I graduated to plus 886. Well, that was junior high and high school. This ladies and gentleman is the PHD program

waakaologo1Damn…those girls are WAAAAAKKKKAAAOOO!

Did you hear DJ Charles on the ones and twos? WAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKAAAAOOOOO!!!!

Cap, are those dreads really? WAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKAAAAOOOOO

waakaologo3The future is now. WaaKao will be there for all your needs. The HHHT crew will be moving shop in a few weeks over there, but we may stay here, too. We’ll see what works best.

For now, I’m off to see some beaches and get some sand in my ass. Cheers to all the people who add a little WaaKao in their daily lives.

M. A

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