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New Kanye Video directed by Hype Williams.

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More coming soon.

Ladies, I present to you, your Wednesday night warm-up.


The first night kicks off tonight April 22nd. Im actually paying homage to one of the best parties in Toronto also called Shuffle. The music covers all spectrums except for death metal, classical and country. But hip hop, funk, soul, 80’s, reggae, house and electro are all covered.

If you don’t know about copa, it absolutely, has the coolest secret entrance to a bar ever. The bar is under Famous Larry’s pizza store in the Zhongxiao/Dunhua area, and you have to push the Fanta button on the coke machine to open the door to the bar. Yeah, thats what i just said, you push the Fanta button, the coke machine swings open and then you walk downstairs into the bar. Its really effin cool.

There are going to be open decks, meaning you can bring down your ipod, some cds or some records to play and you can be the DJ for a couple minutes. All in all, it should be a really fun time. This first party will also be the last for Billy Miller. He’s the owner of copa and he’s gonna be taking off for an extended period of time, so if you are in the area, come say bye to the coolest bar owner ever.

Some joints you might hear tonight

Shuffle b*tch Shuffle

Recently i’ve been yearning for some straight New York real talk. For those who are unfamiliar with the name Cope2, please get familiar. I’ve been looking for this video for a while. I used to buy weed off these graf kids in TO, they had that good smoke, and fat counts. Anyways, they were about to watch this video called ‘Kings Destroy’ one day when I went by to grab, I remember them telling me to just stay and watch it, because it would be worth it. Holy shit was it ever. click the pic to check out his site.


Even though I didn’t write, I loved that Cope2 still had that original, competitive essence of hiphop in him and he was a 30 year old dude, still going hard, still gettting up, still trying to be better than the next man, still running the train yards, still out for fame, still going all city. You hear the true essence of hip hop in every syllable of his speech. The man is a true legend in the graf game and a respected head in hip hop. If you don’t have time to watch this now, make some time later. If you claim to love hip hop, this is recommended viewing.

Cope 2 ‘Kings Destroy’ in 9 parts. Thank you Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

You know I really it love for how he bigs up CAP for giving him his whole style.
Its true

Im about to take up some of your time if your at work or give you some things to keep you busy if your not at work.

First up, since I missed Manic Mondays, here’s something a little manic to hold you up. Hipsters in Space. ‘Captains Blog…..’
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Since im a little late to catch you for New Release Tuesdays, here’s a little something for ya.
I’ve been hearing alot about this new kid Asher Roth. He’s apparently the frat boys version of Eminem. Sounds a bit like him, but he’s been all over the net and he’s been co-signed by a lot of big names in the scene. He’s got a new album dropping next week on 4/20(haha), called ‘Asleep in the Bread Aisle’. There are more than a couple songs floating around the net. Here are a couple to sink your teeth into.

First one is called Perfectionist featuring Beenie Sigel. Click pic to download.


On this next one he goes right at all the people comparing him to Eminem. ‘As I Em’ featuring Chester French. Click pic.


A man from Staten Island named Raekwon the Chef dropped an album in 1995 called Only Built for Cuban Linx that took walkmans(remember those), CD players, clubs, cars and corners by storm. Heralded as one of the best solo efforts from the Wu camp. That album still gets heavy rotation and is in my top 5 hiphop LP’s of all time. Rae has been working hard on ‘Only Built for Cuban Linx 2’. Word is it might see the light of day this year. Here’s a new track from Rae featuring Busta Rhymes.

Death Wish. Click pic to download.

Guns and weed. Damn. I like that sticky green shit.

And for the ladies, I just saw got a hold of this new Cassie track, she’s sporting a new ‘do’, and looks like she’s getting ready for some summer madness. I can’t wait.

Must be Love featuring Diddy. Click pic to download.



Shouts my homey BAWSS in TO. I see u homey.Boogie

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone went and did it. This is a CD turntable, you put the tonearm directly on the CD. This kinda takes CDJ’s to a whole new level. Kinda. Noise Addicts did a small article on the guy who invented it, and there are more pics. Click the pic.


I just peeped this on Hypebeast. Mick Boogie, Terry Urban going on a tour of the new 6453 TPE space. Peep it if you haven’t seen it yet, or just head down to the Zhongxiao/Dunhua area.

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Sunday Sunday….

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Clark Kent talking about his favorite subjects. Hiphop and sneakers. Check up on it.
Soul Food Tonight, for the unfamiliar, get familiar. A place to hear some good music, eat some good food and have a drink.




Who knows what the word means. Its a combo of Splendid, Terrific and Fabulous. Sounds like something you’d hear on ‘Sex and the City’, I almost regret writing it now. Shiiieeeeet. Anyways, a couple Tuesday treats for the HHHT massive.

Has Busta leaked his whole album yet??? Seems like a new track is on the net every week. Without further ado, Busta Rhymes featuring T.Pain – Hustler.Click pic for download.


My homey Q-tip joins forces with the Kanye for the remix of ‘We Fight/We Love’. Go buy/download Tip’s new album ‘The Renaissance’ if you haven’t yet. It’s a good listener. Truss it.Click pic to get it.

Q-Tip featuring Kanye West – We Fight We Love – remix


I’ve been going in on the movie trailers a little bit. The summer is gonna be crazy for action movies. You may have seen these, if not, checka check it out.

G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra (act like you know, the Baroness looks pretty smoking hot too.)

Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen

Terminator Salvation. The first and second Terminator movies were awesome, third one, not so much. Im hoping they bring back the fear factor for this fourth one.

Enjoy your Tuesday.

Tomorrow we get buck.




The Kings of Rock. The Black Beatles. The epitome of 2 turntables and a microphone. The first group to mash rock and hiphop. The hellraisers from Hollis Queens who defined a sound, and gave an image to hiphop, have been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. Here are a couple vids of the ceremony.

First Eminem Inducts RUN DMC into the Hall of Fame.

Then the boys come up to make their acceptance speech. Run talking about Russell Simmons smoking weed and drinking screwdrivers all day is pretty funny.
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This will start your morning off right. I wish I saw this on Saturday for my ridiculous post. The Lonely Island are killing it right now. First they came with the Christmas hit ‘Dick in a Box’. Then came ‘Jizz in my Pants’, followed by ‘I’m on a boat motherfucker’ and now ‘Like a boss’ feat. Seth Rogen’. 2 minutes of straight comedy. I’ve watched it 4 times already.

Happy Monday

…is one of my favorite songs. A good friend of mine gave me a Best of Otis Redding double LP for my birthday one year. It happened to be the same year that I left Canada for a teaching job in South Korea. ‘Change is gonna come’ was a very inspirational song for me back then, I was looking for a big change to occur and I got one of the biggest changes in my life.

Anyways I keep hoping for some change to occur in the club scene out here in Taipei. Im about to editorialize a little bit. Where doe’s a person who actually loves music go to hear something outside of the usual playlist in Taipei clubs???

I’m a little bit spoiled because I’m from Toronto, we get good international DJ’s on the regular and the local DJ’s are awesome and really competitive. Not competitive in terms of cutting and scratching competitive, but more in terms of ‘I got some shit that’s gonna blow your mind musically’ competitive.

I feel like i’ve been to every club in this city and i’ve yet to see a local DJ blow my mind in terms of his selection. One local has come close, DJ Chicano, but he doesnt play out regularly and he only plays vinyl, so I’m waiting for him to make the changeover to serato.

Some of the craziest parties I’ve witnessed have been watching ?uestlove(from the Roots) DJ in Toronto and seeing the whole crowd go crazy to every song he was playing, from soul to r&b to hiphop to funk and beyond. I remember he played ‘seven nation army’ that night. That song had just come out, and that moment was probably the highlight of the night for me, watching a room full of people getting wild to this rock song. Then seeing Jay Dilla absolutely murder a club in TO, bottles broke, it was crazy. Watching Keb Darge murdering Soul 45’s in a dancehall style was awesome, and the crowd reaction to each song was amazing. Pete Rock, rocking out a concert venue, I know some people got hit in the head that night from arms flying into the air at every song. Listening to Masters at Work (Louis Vega and Kenny Dope) at a waterside venue, playing some ‘quality’ house. Watching Richie Hawtin play a rave in TO was ridiculous.

My point being, people out here equate a crazy party with just getting drunk and spending a lot of money. Popping 3 bottles = crazy party for most. Breaking 3 bottles = crazy party for me. My definition of a crazy party is a little different. It definitely involves good music and a good crowd and I’m no prude, so of course it needs a touch of alcohol. I know Taipei or Asia more specifically (save for Japan) has a young scene, I get that part. But everything grows old and everything must change.

I don’t want to turn this into a personal bitching session, I’m just upset that I went out on a Wednesday night, just for the sake of going out, and the playlist in the clubs hasn’t changed. I heard the same songs that I’ve been hearing(many that I can’t stand) and that upset me. It upset me because the crowd was still dancing to it like it was the shit and it upset me that the DJ was still playing it.

Again, I’m spoiled because I’m from a city that will boo and throw shit at the DJ if he or she sucks. Toronto is known as the ScrewFace capital. Its a tough crowd to get moving. Like I said our local guys are good, so if you come in as a headliner and your not playing better than the locals, you will get boo’d and most likely bottled too. But if a DJ can win over a TO crowd, that DJ will be shown love in a big way, all night. We fight hard, but we play hard too.

Maybe that’s my own fatal flaw, that I crave variety in my life. I can’t go to the same club every week to see the same people(in different clothes) and hear the same music in the same order. I have a girl, and I’m not going to hear new music, so why am I still going out to clubs in Taipei?

Maybe I should just stop going out to Taipei clubs unless a headliner is in town? Maybe someone who knows someone, who knows somebody can tell somebody to try and switch it up and grow the scene a little. Maybe I should drink a nice tall glass of ‘shut the f*#k up!’ and call it a day since:
1.its not my city
2.not my scene and
3.locals dont care what a Wai-guo-ren thinks about it anyways.

Soooo, on this Heaven or Hell Sunday, I give you a little piece of my heaven. Like I was saying, ‘A change is gonna come’ is one of my favorite songs. So I’m gonna give you two versions by two of the greatest voices in Soul Music.

First up Sam Cooke’s version(click pic to download)


2nd up, the Otis Redding version (my fav)click pic.


While we’re on the topic of change, I came across this earlier this week. A man whose face has gone through some MAJOR changes over the years. Michael Jackson. This is the demo version of P.Y.T. and its like a completely different song, but still funky as ever.


Sometimes major changes just need a little catalyst, a little something to peak peoples interests. Hopefully Wednesday April 8th when the new Nike 6453 gallery space opens, it will be a catalyst for change on some level. I got some sneak preview pics that I stole off the freshness blog.



If you don’t know about Wednesday night, please get familiar. The Commissioner aka Mick Boogie, will be in Taipei City. He will be at the gallery space opening as well as the after party at Primo. Check out his website, and his blog. He knows good music, and he’s worked with all your favorite artists. Trust it.

‘A change is gonna come…..oh yes it is……’



PS: please feel free to comment

Came across these in my internet trollings this morning. Both vids are absolutely ridiculous for obvious and different reasons.

First up Jigga man and The Roots. One of the best emcees with one of the best live bands. This shit is ridiculous.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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My homey Bobby Bonestorm has been trying to send me this ridiculousness for a while. Remember how you felt when you first were introduced to Borat. Ladies and Gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, I present. the latest incarnation from Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno. Watch it quick, cause it might get taken down soon.

Absolutely ridiculous.

The sun is out, peace.

Mick Boogie next Wednesday.


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