I think I’m a touch late on the New Release Tuesday, but at very least it’s still Tuesday where I’m at so enjoy the goodies.

I’m in a bit of a rush though so this’ll be another Post Up and Pop Out.

TWO FULL MIXTAPES for your listening pleasure.

First up, Mr. Bus-a-Bus with his B.O.M.B. prequel ‘I Bullshit You Not’.

Full of the 12 albums worth of leaks he’s been dropping this past little while.  It promises to have half WOO-HOO and half DOO-DOO….at least that’s my guess.  You tell me.

Next we have something that I’m very excited for….the Cheech & Chong of rap, Meth & Red‘s Lights Out!  A compilation of old and new and well, from what I’ve heard thus far 🙂 …..well, I’ll let you decide.  Shouts to Saukrates for holdin down T.O. on the first single.  I enjoy it muchly.

Finally, a guy who hasn’t consistantly rocked my neck but yet I consistantly support (and still made one of my top 20 albums of all time) Dizzee Rascal returns with the help of Armand Van Helden to bring you some visual and aural rocks!

It’s Tuesday (or Wednesday) folk, save a cat.

Word up.