‘They say they ride for the underground, die for the underground but still makin no moneeeeeeey…..stupid’. – Dave/Dove/Trugoy


Today I give you a post that counteracts the above statement by the great Plug Two.  Cats who maintain the ‘underground’ label and have established or are slowly building their pensions with verbs, nouns, hooks and cadences.

Tanya Morgan

These cats are dope.  From Brooklyn and Cincinnati respectfully, these cats do fun rap without having to talk about ‘Bringin’ it back’.  Making their first big splash on Foreign Exchange‘s incredible debut ‘Connected’, Von Pea, Donwill and Illyas have quietly worked their way into the circuit and share a similar lane with Little Brother (circa the Listening).  However, like Little Brother minus 9th…they also have issues consistantly picking dope beats.  This one however is a gooder.

Tanya Morgan – So Damn Down


Sure he’s had major label support, and sure he’s been on commercially successful singles, but dammit if Kurupt doesn’t embody ‘RAW’ through and through.  A rapper’s rapper, he’s been doing this for roughly 16 years and has never wavered from his position to sell records.  With an amazing knack for creative and unorthodox cadences, what he lacks in content he always makes up with in flow.

Some chilled the eff out Kurupt ish.

Kurupt – Build you up to Tear you down (Feat. Terrace Martin, Snoop Dogg & Soopafly)


Zev Love X. Don’t think I really need to write too much about this guy.  He does his thing and people follow.  Unfortunately he occasionally abuses this (google: Doomposter) but that doesn’t stop the fact that he’s plenty entertaining.

Doom’s ode to Homosexuals.  Need I say more?!

DOOM – Batty Boyz

It’s Friday Folk.  Make a baby.