Often when you get into the debates with your homies over the dopest/most influtential emcees to ever salivate on the steel cage, Rakim Allah the Teflon Don tends to generally come up.

And while I won’t contest that the man is magnificent, his solo joints after his divorce from the First black President, Eric B. were underwhelming to say the least (even though 18th Letter was well received, I still think it’s predominantly phoned-in).

That being said, both 1997’s 18th Letter and 1999’s The Master had some dope joints on’em and well, being ‘No Country For Old Heads’ Thursday, I came across this rare remix of the 18th Letter‘s first single, ‘Guess Who’s Back’ by D.I.T.C. in-house producer, Buckwild (who you also might know from his work with Kool G Rap Fast Life, Organized KonfusionStress, Black Rob — Whoa!).

But before you get that….here’s a link to the original done by one of the most underrated contributors to the genre, Mr, ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’, Mr. ‘Get Money’, Dana Dane’s backbone, Clark Kent.  (PLUS one of the most bizarre videos I’ve ever seen.  Rakim getting his Salvador Dali on??)

(incorrectly labeled from 1993)

Rakim – Guess Who’s Back (Original)

Rakim – Guess Who’s Back (Buckwild Remix)

And just for good measure, from The Master, Ra & Primo makin goodness.

That’s Thursday folk.
Keep the looks comin.