Some of you might know of my unwavering love for Golden Era hiphop (88-94). Those are the greatest years for hiphop, hands down. I’ll fight ANYONE who wants to dispute this! Shout me out and let me know a time and a place, and knuckle up cause I’m going for your grill.

All ranting aside, the reason me and Triple get along so well, is not because he grew up in that era, but because he was taken to hiphop school by a good friend of mine J$Money. Every Saturday Money would school a young upstart named Triple about all the best artists that came out of this era of music. I think Money should actually open a school. Maybe HHHT should start a hip hop buxiban in Taipei. Cous cous you down? 2 Handed one?

Anyways one of those great golden era artists is this man, Antonio Hardy aka Big Daddy Kane. The original smooth operator on the microphone.


When other artists were wearing sneakers and track suits, this man was on some playalistic type ish, wearing suits and hats, with the high top fade and 3 cuts in the eyebrows. Mad style. Let me tell you something, this was one of my hiphop heroes from this era. Yes, I had a high top fade. No I didn’t have 3 cuts in my eyebrows. Yes, I know he fell off on the third album. No, my respect for the raps hasn’t faded.

So HHHTers, here is my little nugget of wisdom to contribute to your schooling. This is recommeded viewing.

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Im not even scratching the surface about how ill Kane is. Consider this Part 1.

We Gets It In!