HHHTimpani Lovers,

I’m a huge Mos Def fan.  I think I’ve spoke on it a couple times before so I won’t go into my usual speal (sp?) but the gist of it is ‘he’s dope’.  Like his music or not, the man has stuck to his guns through and through and he seems steady on his course despite tempting offers from Def Jam, Aftermath, etc. etc.

Anyway, Pretty Flaco just dropped his new record and I like it plenty.  The production’s not spectacular and the tracks aren’t put together in as lucid a way as Black on Both Sides or even New Danger for that matter, but I can’t stop listening to it.  The content is super heavy.  The song structures are odd and jarring.  He messes around with metre and time signatures.  And more than anything, this album is just about Mos Def putting on a clinic as an emcee.  Period.

Well…Mos recently showed up on David Letterman with a DJ, Drummer, couple Timpani drums and a Fela Kuti sample in tow.  Needless to say…it brought a smile to my face and I hope it does yours.

And if that doesn’t get you goin, how bout Ghostface rippin another classic sample.  This guy’s just too damn consistent.

Ghostface – Forever (Dirty)

…and if THAT doesn’t work…..

I just realized that this post doesn’t co-ordinate with the right day.  But it’s too late now.

Get into it.

Be well world.