HHHTina’s, Tracy’s and Tania’s,

Because today is your day, and because I am the Casanova that I am, I give you something from the heart.


A new goodie from G.O.O.D.’s Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and no this song isn’t a tribute to the late, great Eazy E’s double time spitting quartet from Cleveland, but it is pretty thuggish ruggish.

The new record may just be hella ill.  Check it.

Sa-Ra Creative Partners – The Bone Song


Maybe not the most refined ladies man…okay, maybe not refined at all, but he sure shares some similar fashion tendencies.

This is just a fun one over a classic sample.

Cam’ron – Silky

And finally, often confused for 1 woman, but they’re actually 3 dudes from Brooklyn and Cincinnati, the video to an MPfree I linked you with a couple weeks back.

Dope tune.  Super dope.

Enjoy the night folk.

Get it in.