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HHHTiny and Large,

Goodies?  And I ain’t talkin Ciara.

Let’s start with the Large.

Kinda Like a Big Deal

Lemme pre-cursor this with, I’m a big Clipse fan.  Or at least I was.

From Lord Willin’ to the We Got It For Cheap mixtapes to Hell Hath No Fury, I was an avid Clipse supporter.  When I heard that Rick Rubin’s first order of business after joining the Columbia staff was signing the Clipse, god believes me that I was Ecstatic like Mos Def and anticipating more great things from the Virginia duo.

Following HHFN they decided to switch out of their comfortable position with Pharrell and Star Trak and start collaborating with new producers.  Cool. I’m always down for experimentation, especially after you’ve presumably done all you can in a certain lane.  Well, they got a bunch of new cats on deck and released a Re-Up Gang album (which was lead by the doo-doo Scott Storch produced Fast Life) followed by another mixtape with all new production.

They were underwhelming to say the least.

Not only did their pocket and groove fall short of what it had been, but it felt like (especially in Pusha T’s case) that they just got, for lack of a better term, dumber.  Simple words, with unclever metaphores and similes and generally uninspired rap.  Well, since then I’ve heard a couple tunes that got me goin and have shown glimmers of the group I once coveted as the leaders of the new school.

A few months back I posted up one of these tunes featuring Mr. West by the name of ‘Kinda Like a Big Deal’. And well, looks like the feedback was strong cause luckily, someone on the team had the good sense to make this the lead single and avoid another catastrophe like Fast Life.

Anyway, here’s the video.  I’m still hopin for a miracle.

Make You Sweat

So I know Clifford Harris is in prison, but dammit you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell by the blogs.  Every week there seems to be new T.I. songs and videos popping up, and I’m starting to think that he’s on an island somewhere and this is some marketing ploy to up his rep.  Anyway, regardless, homie is or was getting his 2Pac on and living in  the studio cause there seems to be no stop in sight for this cat.

Here’s a brand newbie.  One of the few mainstream cats who can really rap when he feels like it.

T.I. – Make You Sweat


And finally, a dope track from 2 people I’ve never heard of, Embee and Nina Ramsby.

From what I can gather, they’re both from Sweden, Embee’s a prominent hip-hop DJ and Producer (according to Wikipedia) and Nina’s an electronica vocalist with Jazz sensibilities (according to her myspace).  There’s a video and album art for this song, but I won’t be posting either because unfortunately they’re horrendous and I really wouldn’t want those to take away from the dopeness of the track.

So just listen and enjoy.

Embee – Desire to be Free Feat. Nina Ramsby

It’s Wednesday folk.



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