HHHTop of your game,

As a blogger and critic it’s far too easy for me to sit here and criticize or attempt to pick apart a piece of work I’m not into.  Being part of the online community, I’ve been unfairly granted the license to completely dump on another mans art just because I don’t fall in line with his plight (all bloggers, reviewers and columnists should have to take a test and earn a license to write).

In my day to day rants, I do my best to stay within a positive realm and shit on only those I’ve completely deemed worthy.  However, that being said, even though I’m just a small time dude reaching a few hundred people a day, if I might effect the way even 1 person perceives another mans means of breadwinning and allow that artist to suffer the loss of that 1 sale (which, to underground artists means quite a lot!) , then you can only imagine the damage those blowhard, self aggrandizing anal warts at Pitchfork do on a daily basis.

With that said, the artists featured in today’s blog have all worked through the bad reviews and bad publicity, have all put out bad music, and yet, have found a way to milk their accolades for everything their worth, stay relevant and maintain their Superstar Status.


Who else would I start with other than the man who went through arguably the worst publicity shit storm of any artist in history and still manage to have every one of his albums go Multi-Platinum.   Even before his passing, when the storm was at it’s peak, he managed to set a record for selling out his final 50 date-tour faster than anyone in history.

This cut is the title track off his first post-humous album entitled ‘This is It’. I’ll let you guys be the critics on this one.

R.I.P. M.J.



C’mon folks, let’s be F’REAL f’real.  Snoop can’t lose.

He’s put out at least a half-dozen phone-in albums.  Put on a countless number of no talent, two-bit tards (obviously excluding beasts like Kurupt, Suga Free, Battlecat, etc.). Whored himself out to any product that would be willing to endorse him, and yet, the majority of us still champion him like he’s never done us wrong.  I couldn’t even begin to explain it to you, and nor will I even attempt it, just know that when people talk about that ‘IT’ in celebrities, he might as well be a Stephen King creation.

Here’s that new ish from the Doggfather.


And if your favorite Snoop is still from ’93.  Here’s an unreleased track from the Death Row vaults.

SNOOP DOGG ft. NATE DOGG – O.G. (Original)


Okay, so the Teflon Don hasn’t stayed the test of time like our previous 2 contestants.  However, when you talk about legacies in Hip-Hop, there are few if any that compare to his.

Arguably the godfather of modern day rap and cadences, you will rarely, if ever, here Rakim miss someone’s top 5.  And truthfully, that might not even be because they like him that much, but simply because they feel obligated to say his name in fear that someone listening will punch out your canine’s for forgetting him.  And if your legacy can do that, you’re a superstar.

Now, back after a decade long hiatus, here goes the first tune off Ra’s 3rd official solo studio album, Seventh Seal.  Is it good?  You tell me.




This doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s thread but I really like this song.  I haven’t heard too many tunes from Theophilus, but the ones I have I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.  And now as a part of what I’m assuming is a push for an upcoming record, he’s released a video to arguably my favorite tune of his.


Enjoy the day folk.

Happy Turkey Face Canada.