HHHThis is it,

Back in 2003, I had the privilege of seeing the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff spin in London for my very first time.  Probably one of the finest and most cohesive hip-hop sets that has ever been put together, he somehow linked Run DMC to Paul Wall and everything in between all in a matter of 30 minutes without a single wasted beat.  Following this chaotic half hour, he then went to another floor and rocked 2 and a half hours of the best soulful house I’d ever heard.  To sum it up, Jazz is a beast.

Well, he’s back with a mixtape dedicated to Late King of Pop, and I assure you, this is on some serious hardcore repeat shit.  Album art and link below.

DJ JAZZY JEFF presents HE’S THE KING, I’M THE DJ (mixtape)

And as promised, we continue with the 48 hours episodes as well as the Blakroc recording sessions.  Get live.

48 HOURS — JADAKISS (part 2 & 3)


More Blakroc and 48 hrs next blog.  Stay tuned.

Be well World.