HHHThat’s my homie,

No matter what anyone tells you, we live in a world based almost entirely on co-signs.

Whether you’re looking for a job at a grocery store, shopping for a record deal, or getting into the mob, someone needs to vouch for you.  Someone always needs to be there co-signing you as you try and claw your way up the elevator shaft to the Penthouse.  And although it’s unfortunate, it’s life as we know it and it’s something we have to learn to work like any other tool or utensil.

So today, I’d like to demonstrate the power of the co-sign.


Toronto-based vocalist Ayah has come up quick in her time.   At the eager age of 22, she has already started to create waves through Canada with a string of mixtapes and guestspots that have garnered her a budding and loyal following.  However, despite her smooth voice and well intentioned collaborations, nothing has been more important to her growth in Canada than her success in the Southern half of North America.

Having caught the ear of Touch of Jazz founder, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, her brand new album, 4:15 is now not only completely executive produced by the Hip-Hop Icon, but also the launching pad from which she is poised to do some serious damage for the home team.

Here’s the first single entitled ‘In my Lifetime’.



Okay, so truthfully, neither of these dudes need co-signs.  Both are supremely talented, have cred and co-signs coming out the A, and are arguably in the all-time TOP 5.  That being said, it’s always cool to get your hip-hop nerd on and see a genuine co-signing moment.

Brought to you by the same people who gave you the Def & DOOM footage, I give you the Mighty Mos Def and the incomparable Black Thought.


This last example of co-signage is one I hold close to my heart.

As some of you may or may not know, I’m the head of the Music Division over at PPF House as well as an artist on the Toronto-based independent label.  We’ve technically been around for 10 years but I didn’t really start contributing until about the Winter of 2004 and our Music Division was only recently launched this past February.  Before then, it was held together by the work of two brothers, Tim and Howie Shia. Both established artists in their own fields (Audio and Visual respectively), if one were to compile a list of (what would be considered MAJOR) accolades from these two, they would have something comparable to one of those new compact phone books they’ve been sending out.

Well now, to add to that phonebook (you can check out more from that list by clicking the image above) Howie, who just recently finished doing a video for Mush Recording Artist, Deru (of Avatar fame — the cartoon not the James Cameron film) recently caught the eye of none other than the Louis Vutton Don himself, Kanye West. And although it was just a blog, I appreciate the love cause based off recent events, it would seem that Mr. West is quite passionate about his videos.

Anyway, here’s the flick:


I’m losing my mind.  This is gonna be RIDICULOUS!

Be well world.