HHHThe Return,
There’s only one thing to say about today’s post.  He’s Baaaaaaaack.

Gil Scott-Heron. The man responsible for ‘The Revolution will not be televised’ and a major influence on most of your favorite emcees, shocked everyone last month in announcing his return to the recorded medium.  Now, as an even bigger announcement, we have a full streaming version of said record for your listening pleasure.

Peace to 2DopeBoyz for the hookup. – CLICK COVER BELOW FOR STREAM (having embedding issues)

And as an added bonus from someone who has helped to carry on this man’s legacy (whether intentionally or not) I give you some new Jay Electronica produced by the late greatest, J Dilla.

JAY ELECTRONICA – SUCKAS (Direct link – Right Click)

Shout out to Analog Giant. That’s my shit.

Be easy people.  Go get it.