HHHTo the Greatest,

Every year about this time I usually write a long piece reminiscing on what your music has done for me and the world over.  All the artists you’ve made better, all the verses that were slept on, all the beats that should’ve never worked but you still managed to turn into masterpieces and all the tracks that changed the entire face of music.  I could write a damn book!

However, this year, after years of preaching and pushing, I’ve decided to take a break from the commentary and let your music and your peers do the talking.

Thank you Dilla, for everything.  You’re beyond missed.

R.I.P. James Dewitt Yancey

Turn it up!

MuchMusic Tribute Video

Common talking Dilla

Q-Tip talking Dilla

Suite for Ma Dukes

Fuck the Police (Live)

Slum Village – Climax (Girl Shit)