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HHHTwice times,

When I first did the original ‘Pair Up’ blog, I never meant to continue it as any sort of ongoing series within the HHHT realm.  However, after seeing the rash of recent pair-ups and duets that definitely deserve their honorable mentions, I say, let’s roll with this and see if there’s another Black Star or a Ghost & Rae or a Omarion & Bow Wow in the making.

Wait a minute…..scratch that last one….


Who likes acronyyyyms?  D.I.T.C.?  That’s always been a favorite of mine.  How bout we get a little deeper into it and break out A.G. and O.C.

Yessir.  You heard me right.  East Coast legends Omar Credle and Andre the Giant, better known as O.C. & A.G. have gone ahead and finally put this classic D.I.T.C. what if? scenario to bed and are slated to release THE OASIS November 24th on Nature Sounds (home of Masta Killa, the Ghost & DOOM project, and oodles more).

If this tune is any indication of how the album’ll turn out, I’m there.  I swear to you, neither of them have even come close to losing a step and believe me when I say A.G. keeps getting better and better and better…(See his guest appearance on Dabrye‘s Two/Three)



It’s coming sooooon.

As I reported a couple months ago, Stones Throw frontliners Madlib & Guilty Simpson will be teaming up to release the highly anticipated O.J. Simpson record either last quarter ’09 or first quarter ’10.  Madlib, who has cemented the fact that he has one of the best batting averages for beats ever, matched with Guilty, who’s punchline onslaught can only be compared to an E. Honda attack, will undoubtedly result in something so raw it would be O.D.B. approved. Don’t believe me?  Check the freebee.  GOOD GAWD I love these guys.



Don’t really need to write all that much about this.  Beans is goin at Jay and 50‘s making sure he’s right in the middle of it…as usual.

If Jay eventually decides to respond though, this’ll get hella entertaining.  Beans is not only a beast, but this could get extremely personal extremely quick.  Do I smell a Pay-Per-View?  Y’know 50 probably already has it in the works.



And as an added treat, Part 2 of the Wu-Massacre trailers.  Enjoy.

I have a backlog of amazing stuff I wanna throw up so don’t be alarmed if I just randomly start posting MPFrees.

Be well world.

Enjoy the weekend.


Well Folk,

I don’t know bout you…but from what I can tell, there are OODLES of people (including 80% of my entourage) just gettin outta bed from Wednesday night. So if you’re lucky/unlucky enough to fall into that category, here’s a bunch of music to veg out too.

First up we have the entire compiled Month of Madness by Roc-A-Fella’s version of Ghostface, Freeway.

If you’re not sure what this is, Freeway set out to write and record a track for everyday during the month of December (Kind of like a compressed version of Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weekly series that he did last year).  Anyways, as tedious as it may seem to go through 32 tracks (no matter WHO the artist is), there are definitely some dope verses and nasty beats on this.  Is it too much….perhaps….but a fun project nonetheless.  It’s like actually getting to see a rapper PRACTICE.  Hopefully this means his next album’ll be Bananas.

From the fine people at OnSmash & IllRoots….Click flick to DL.

  • 01. Month Of Madness (Produced by Phoenotes)
    02. Everlast (Produced by Blunt)
    03. Count On Free (Produced by Jake One)
    04. Look Around (Produced by Tryfe)
    05. Gonna Get Mines (Produced by Blunt)
    06. I’m Great (Produced by Tryfe)
    07. MindState Takeover (Produced by Cardiak)
    08. Blauh (Produced by Jake One)
    09. Together (Produced by Dilemma)
    10. Tell You Something (Produced by Erick Sermon)
    11. Movin’ Out (Produced by Phoenotes)
    12. Straight Madness (Produced by Cardiak)
    13. I Can Deal With It (Produced by Blunt)
    14. Really Rough Out Here (Produced by Blunt)
    15. Street Music (Produced by Blunt)
    16. Start Wildin’ (Produced by Erick Sermon)
    17. Doing Anthing (Produced by Dominic McFadden)
    18. Get It Started (Produced by The Alchemist)
    19. Rap Spitters (Produced by Don Cannon)
    20. Diesel (Produced by Needlz)
    21. Long Money (Produced by Sapp)
    22. Do It To Death (Produced by Tryfe)
    23. There You Go (Produced by Don Cannon)
    24. For The Better (feat. Neesh) (Produced by Blunt)
    25. As I Ever Been (feat. Hezekiah) (Produced by Oddisee)
    26. When I Die (feat. James Blunt) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz)
    27. I Wanna Be Free (Produced by Blunt)
    28. NP Finest (Produced by Cardiak)
    29. Bank Rollz (Produced by Don Cannon)
    30. Back For More (Produced by Cardiak)
    31. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over (Produced by Blunt)
    32. So Cold (feat. Klass) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz) (Bonus)

…And speaking of Crooked I and practicing….

For the past however many years (especially the past 2 or 3) there’s been a LOT of talk surrounding Dr. Dre’s version of Chinese Democracy, Detox.

Word is that the album features 50, Bishop Lamont, Em, a reunion with Snoop (the last one being Imagine off Snoop’s Blue Carpet Treatment with D’Angelo) and even collabs with DJ Quik (which excites me very much.) And well, as many of us wait to see if the good Dr. can return to the strength of Chronic 2001 (because, yes, no matter what’s happened since I am STILL a fan), here are some unofficial leaks from the album.

*Note none of these songs have Dr. Dre rapping on them, but they have his Verses (a.k.a. the Ghostwriter spitting).

Crack A Bottle Feat. Eminem – The 1st and 3rd verses are ‘Dr. Dre’ verses.

Say Dr. Dre (written by Crooked I) – This is a solo joint (sorry but I don’t have the mpfree for this one).

DJ Quik spillin his guts about Detox.

And finally, a 20 min interview with Dre’s current muse (outside of Em and Snoop of course) Bishop Lamont talking about the record, as well as dissing Game and all that other stuff you gossip folk love.

Click here for interview

Be well people. ’09 is lookin FAAAAANtastic.

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