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Kanye is a visionary, and I was cool with the Fro-hawk, but im fighting tooth and nail against the mullet.

kanye-mulletAll biz up front, party in the back. Jeez. I mentioned some time ago that Kanye was working on a new shoe for Nike called the Air Yeezy. Well seems like the Air Yeezy’s are about to see the light of day. Im not sure when these are going to be available, but as far as high tops go, I’m pretty sure I could rock the hell out of these with a dope pair of jeans. 


For those who like to ball out and rock something a little pricier than Nike’s. Kanye has just finished work on a shoe line for Louis Vuitton. Yeah, the Louis Vuitton Don has fulfilled his fashion destiny and designed a shoe that is already on the feet of the famous.


And he did a little something for the ladies too.


Its only a week after super Tuesday and I just saw this. The Obama Action Figure. Its available from a toy maker in Japan, comes with interchangeable hands and ties, a mic, flag, stool and a world changing YES WE CAN scowl. Ladies, this makes a perfect Valentines gift for the man in your life.


He also comes with a light saber, good for inter galactic battles.



And finally some new music

weezy1Weezy has just confirmed that he will be releasing a Rock album in April this year. There will be a bunch of tracks leaking to the interweb soon enough. 

Here’s the first one.

Prom Queen

Oh yeah, Thursday its going down. Tittsworth X HHHT @ Plush.


Its shall be brought.

Happy Tuesday

The Bull rages on.


On this Heaven or Hell Sunday, I choose heaven.

Im still coming off the high of HHHT Vol.2 on Friday night. I love how music can work people into an absolute frenzy. Im sure a touch of alcohol helps too(all you can drink??!!!) But once again the HHHT squad held it down LOVELY on the music tip. Once again y’all came out and partied like some fukkin rock stars. High heels and high tops we’re rocked once again.

Pics will be up this week, and word on Vol.3 will be coming very soon.
We got some great things in store for next year, so stay tuned.

Since i’m up so early, Nice and Smooth ‘Early to Rise’. A piece of heaven…

I’ve been meaning to give this to you guys for a minute.

Air Yeezy coming soon.grey-air-yeezy-tsg-2

Remember Calculator watches???


Much like Bone Crusha, I aint neva scared!! But this scares me. Imagine this in the wrong hands. A piece of hell…


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