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So my Neighbours president is Black.


I say my neighbour’s because I’m Canadian and well, unfortunately we’re still stuck with Bush’s Mini-me, Stephen Harper, who you may know for this wonderful sentiment: “Ordinary folks don’t care about arts.”


But I digress, today’s post is not about complaining but about celebrating, celebrating something so big, so monumentous, so stupendous, so…….ha, just kidding.  You know why Obama’s awesome.

Here’re some other people to let you know why he’s awesome.

Jay-Smooth:  The Illdoctrine. – This is money right here.  Always money.

Jay-Z – My President is Black (Remix)

Click flick for DL

Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland – Aer Obama: A weird stop motion-mash-tribute to Mr. 44.

And Finally, a short goodbye to Mr. 43 from Canada’s own bad boy of media, George Stroumboulopoulos.

Be sure to check CAP’s post below for some extra laughs and goodness.

We’re back in effect people.  Get with it.


My spidey sense is tingling……somethings going down.

Act like you know. 

On to other things. Shouts to everyone who came out this weekend to rock with us. The rep grows bigger with each party and I can’t wait til were rocking in the summer. It was a lovely weekend starting things off in Taipei, representing lovely as usual. The crackatologist named Joey blessed us with the Friday visuals. Here ya go…

We gotta THANK everyone who came out and made HHHT5 in Khaosiung as wild as it was. Furry booted dancers, young and old wilin out(some very old!). Pics soon come. Look out for Volume 6 soon. And those out of town in Taichung and Khaosiung we’re coming back!!! 


Ladies and Gentlemen,

On this lovely Tuesday morning, we continue the festivities of the weekend by bringing you Part 2 of our HHHT photo collection.

JOE RUSSOOOOO!!! Y’DONE IT AGAIN!!!! (To be interpreted like Flava Flav was yelling it the same way he did on ‘Come on Down’ by De La Soul off their 2004, highly highly slept on CLASSIC, The Grind Date.)

We should have word on the December party real soon, bigger space, more people. Nah mean?!!?

And since it’s Tuesday, here’s some new music as promised.


Jay-z throws his hat in the ring with his ode to the new president. Probably one of a few men in the country more popular than Hov.



I’m sure most of you are familiar with A Tribe Called Quest, they were a part of the Native Tongues Posse. One of the group members Q-Tip now has his 2nd solo album out called ‘The Renaissance” It dropped last week. Here are a couple tracks.

We Fight/We Love featuring Raphael Saadiq

Won’t Trade


This next one is for Moistious and all The Wire heads out there. MIA redid the title track.

Way Down In The Hole


The Champ is back. Ghostface Killah, has a new track called Computer Love.

Record stores arent dead yet, here’s video of Mos Def, buying CDS!!! In a store!!! How archaic. Doesn’t he know about Torrents?? The itunes store?? Get familiar Mos!! The world is changing….

Enjoy your Tuesday
CAP & Triple.

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