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Often lies the man. Its a holiday Monday, which means, a whole lot of sleeping in. Nah mean. On to some manic Monday bizniz. Gonna take a look at a few masked men who have put out some good music. Check it. 

First up, everyone’s favorite super villain, MF DOOM. Interesting story about Doom. He was once a super happy, positive uplifting rapper named Zev Love X. He and his brother Subroc made up the crew KMD. Long story short, Subroc died in a car accident. Zev drowned his sorrows in the bottle and morphed himself into MF DOOM. On early 12 releases you can hear him slurring words. I like this video because he’s drunk and playing with a machete. Awesome.
MF DOOM – Questions feat. Kurious

Next up everyone’s favorite Wu Tang member, Ghostface Killah. The man who is on some now you see me, now you dont shit. Apparently Ghost was really on the run when the Wu was just catching some wreck in NYC. Which is why he was wearing the mask back then. Since revealing the face, Ghost has become one of the most consistent, outspoken, comedic and prolific artists from the Wu-Tang camp. The man used to rock a golden eagle on his forearm. Jeeez.

Wu Tang Clan – Da mystery of Chessboxin

RZA the man behind the success of the Wu-tang donned his own mask as his id-indulging alter ego Bobby Digital. Bobby was the womanizing, futuristic street thug, ying, to RZA’s disciplined manual writing, enterprise building, yang.

Holocaust – Bobby Digital

Then one day the masked men met. DangerDoom feat Ghostface – The Mask

I like this one for the old school wrestling masks. Remember how ill it was when they would unmask someone on wrestling??? Im hoping these guys do a video like that. It would be so dope. These guys have provided some of your favorite songs to sing along to in the last couple years. It would only be proper to include the mysterious french duo known as Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Robot Rock

Happy Monday
Raging Bull

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